Lunera Lighting shows best-in-class 110 lm/W troffer capable of delivering up to 8000 lm of efficient, natural light

May 7, 2012
Date Announced: 07 May 2012 2’x2’ Form Factor Fixture to be Shown at LightFair 2012, Booth # 4918Redwood City, Calif., – Lunera® Lighting, Inc., a Silicon Valley company that designs and markets next-generation LED lighting, is pleased to announce a breakthrough 110 lumen per watt recessed troffer that delivers efficient, natural light to a variety of general lighting applications. Lunera will be demonstrating the energy efficiency and quality of light of the new fixture exclusively at Booth #4918 at LightFair 2012 in Las Vegas on May 9 – 11, 2012, and will be available to answer questions about the technology inside.Independent testing based on IESNA LM-79: 2008 approved methods, confirmed the absolute performance of this cutting-edge luminaire. Based on the popular Lunera 2’ x 2’ SERIES 22-G3 form factor and using Nichia state of the art LEDs, the new luminaire is capable of achieving an amazing efficacy of 110 lumens per watt. The fixture design supports multiple Lumen packages and is robust enough to deliver as much as 8000 Lumens from the compact 2’x2’ form factor. Lunera will also be demonstrating its recently launched third generation LED luminaires, the SERIES 22 2’ x 2’ LED Recess Troffer and the elegant SERIES L7 Direct/Indirect LED Linear Pendant. Lunera will be exhibiting at Booth #4918 in the Daylighting Pavilion with lighting solutions partner Daylighting Systems, Inc.Daylighting Systems, who for decades has been a world leader in passive and active daylighting technology, is proudly introducing the world’s first intelligent hybrid daylighting solution. This new design efficiently integrates natural daylight with cost-effective LED light into a building’s working spaces. It combines smart sensor and controller technology with an edge-lit LED diffuser built right into an innovative natural daylighting system. As the sun sets, the sensors and controllers automatically increase the LED lights to maintain a comfortable light level within the work space. This provides a perfect green solution with excellent energy efficiency – ideal for retail spaces, schools, offices and warehouses.Third Generation Lunera LEDs Lighting up LightFairAdditionally, four Lunera partners will be using Lunera third generation luminaries in demonstrations of their product solutions. These certified partners include:Lutron Electronics, Inc.Where: Booth # 1625What: SERIES 22-G3Lutron, a leader in lighting control, develops solutions that provide businesses with energy savings while increasing space flexibility, improving occupancy comfort and productivity, and reducing maintenance costs. Lutron’s EcoSystem® controls, integrated with Lunera’s third-generation LED luminaires deliver efficient, natural light in the office. Lutron will demonstrate a Lunera SERIES 22-G3 LED Troffer with the Lutron Hi-lume A-Series LED Driver built in, making the fixture ready-to-connect to the Lutron EcoSystem or other 3-wire controls.Enlighted, Inc.Where: Booth # 6217What: SERIES 22-G3Enlighted, Inc., a premier provider of intelligent lighting control systems, delivers the most advanced intelligent lighting controls and sensor platform which combine a superior intersection of IP and IT for innovation and automation in commercial buildings. They will be demonstrating their control solution using a Lunera SERIES 22-G3 LED Troffer configured with integrated solution controls.Adura Technologies, Inc.Where: Booth # 612, Encoean AllianceWhat: SERIES L7-G3Adura Technologies will join with others at the Encoean Alliance booth to demonstrate their latest wireless control solutions. The Lunera SERIES L7-G3 LED Linear Pendant will be used to demonstrate their control technology.WhiteOptics LLCWhere: Booth # 1021What: SERIES 22-G3WhiteOptics is a manufacturing company that provides a unique, multi-generational line of reflector products to directly serve the needs of light fixture manufactures and designers. Through a licensing agreement with DuPont, WhiteOptics has access to DuPont technologies for light management and is focused on developing products that optimize those technologies for the lighting industry.About Lunera LightingLunera Lighting is an award-winning lighting solution innovator leading the transformation of lighting to efficient, digital LED technology. Lunera’s fixtures, which are engineered for power efficiency and elegant in design, are widely recognized for delivering light that closely approximates natural daylight. The combination of finely tuned optics, LED selection, and precision engineering, enable Lunera fixtures to operate well below rated component spec limits for higher reliability without limiting efficacy.Lunera addresses interior commercial general ambient lighting applications with LED troffers for recessed grid ceiling systems or surface mount and LED suspended linear pendants for continuous run applications. Typical applications include retrofit and new construction of Class A offices, schools, medical facilities, retail/convenience stores, parking garages, data centers, and low-bay warehouses. With a platform approach to engineering and design, Lunera’s efficient fixtures can be readily integrated into many common lighting control and ceiling systems. This further reduces operating costs and energy consumption, helping facilities qualify for LEED certification. Since its initial product launch in 2009, Lunera has been installed in over seven Million square feet of commercial real estate and launched Lunera Capital PlusSM a capital equipment leasing service, which eliminates upfront costs. For more information about Lunera solutions, visit the company website at or contact Lunera at 650-241-3875 or by email at [email protected] . Follow Lunera on Twitter at

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