Standard basic dimming now available in Rentalite’s Premium Power LED fixture

Date Announced: 09 Jul 2012

Rentalite’s Premium power LED fixtures will now be equipped with the Rentalite basic dimming system. This new systems allows the user to configure the highest and the lowest dimming setting of the PPL. The highest setting can be configured to 70-80-90- or 100% and the lowest setting can be set to either 10-20- or 30%. Attaching motion and or daylight sensors will allow the fixture to be automatically dim down from the highest setting to the lowest.

Next to the new basic dimming system the additional options are:

Individual dimming:
Every Premium Power LED will be equipped with its own motion sensor, enabling to pre-configure every individual PPL to any desired dimming level.

Can-bus and DALI dimming:
Every fixture will be assigned its own IP-address, this will allow the fixtures to be controlled individually at all times (dimming level can be set to any level and communicate with motion sensors, daylight sensors and/or timers). All fixtures can operate individually from each other and/or different groups can be assigned to certain desired clusters of fixtures. The Can-bus system comes with its own software and touchscreen to simplify the configuration of the lighting system.



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