Articulight Launches the Spectacolour LNR 336AXR, high-power RGBW bar

Date Announced: 04 Sep 2012

Fair Lawn, New Jersey, USA- Articulight, Inc. has recently released the SPECTACOLOUR LNR 336AXR, a newly developed linear wall washer consisting of 36 3w RGBW LEDs (other versions of RGB and solid colors are available too) which produces stunning powerful and even effect. The dedicated white color enables the user to illuminate in white only and does not require (as previously has been done) using all the RGB all on fully in order to create white thus saving energy and creating true white. The LEDs are arranged along the length of the fixture in RGBW, RGBW, etc.

The SPECTACOLOUR LNR 336AXR has a very low profile and narrow footprint which makes it perfect for applications where there is little room to install larger fixtures such as window ledges and coving. The housing has also been designed to have a professional commercial look and appeal which makes the SPECTACOLOUR LNR 336AXR ideal where the fixture itself can be seen. A wide range of beam angles enables the user to use the fixture in multitude of applications. Smart heat management design keeps the system cool and protects the components from over-heating resulting in smooth, durable and reliable operation. The SPECTACOLOUR LNR 336AXR is lightweight, easy to install, operate and requires virtually no maintenance.

Lamp: High power LEDs: 3W x 36 pieces
Lamp Life: 50,000 hours
Maximum Power Consumption: 140W (when all RGBW are full on
Voltage: 90-250V/50-60Hz, 277V
Driver Current: 350mA
Color mixing: RGBW 16.7 million combinations of smooth and even color distribution
DMX512 control Channel: 7
DMX Channel Assignment: CH1: Master Dimmer, CH2: Red , CH3: Green , CH4:Blue , CH5: White, CH6: Strobe, CH7: Special Color changing effects
Modes of Operation: 1. RGB Mode: Choose single color or colors to stay static
2. DMX Mode: Enables controlling the fixture via DMX controller
3. Auto Mode: the fixture will automatically chase through the different colors
4. Sound Activated mode: the unit will react to sound, chasing through the built-in programs.
Display: Digital display
Beam Angle: 6°, 10°, 15°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°
Projection Distance: up to 40m
Working Temperatures: -15°C - 40°C (4°F to 104°F)
IP Rating: IP65 indoor/outdoor
Modes: DMX512, Auto mode, speed adjustable, Master/Slave synchronization
Housing: Die-cast aluminum
Cooling: Patent pending heat management design with no fans keeps the system cool and efficient
Mounting: Universal
Product Size: 1200 x 55 x 112mm (47.24” X 2.17” X 4.40”)
Net Weight: 8 kgs (17.6 lbs)
Gross Weight: 8.5 kgs (18.7 lbs)
Model: SP-LNR-336AXR

Articulight, Inc. 15-06 Morlot Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 USA Tel: (201) 796-2690 Fax: (201) 796-8818



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