RCA Lighting to offer outstanding luminance, remarkable value, long-life option

Date Announced: 24 Jan 2012

Las Vegas – The upcoming transition to more efficient lighting sources in the U.S. will mean more choices for consumers, and RCA plans to capitalize on growing consumer awareness for new lighting options with a new line of affordable RCA LED bulbs that offer outstanding lighting quality, remarkable energy efficiency, and long life.

The new lineup of RCA LED lamps is being introduced this week at the International CES. With replacement bulbs planned for standard lamp and candelabra fixtures, RCA is branching out to offer lighting products for both consumer and business applications – including streetlights.

“The new consumer rules about light bulbs in the U.S. have a lot of people confused, because the terminology is not consistent. People talk about lumens, energy savings, and wattage – but those terms mean different things. A lot of people rushed to buy compact fluorescent bulbs, even though the typical CFL bulb produces harsh light and is considered a hazardous waste because of the amount of mercury in a CFL product,” said Bob Hatefi, from RCA licensee BDC, which has designed and is marketing the new RCA lighting product range.

A recent McKinsey & Co. consulting report estimates that the share of LED lighting products will grow four-fold from 2010 through 2016.

“Our key advantage with LED lighting from RCA is that we’ve developed a ‘chip on board’ product that reduces the number of components and allows us to offer a far more efficient option than even the most popular compact fluorescent bulbs. We’re not building LED bulbs stuffed with dozens of tiny LEDs. Rather, we have a more efficient design that utilizes a single LED to provide maximum energy savings and brilliant light output,” Hatefi says.

“LED lamps from RCA can create either warm and cool white light. It’s a pleasant and friendly – and not harsh – lighting option that shows colors and textures as though they are in natural daylight. The high illuminance output and excellent color rendering of RCA LED light bulbs matched with affordable retail pricing are sure to be a hit with consumers,” Hatefi said.

The new line of RCA LED lamps are especially attractive when compared to common compact fluorescent bulbs:

RCA LED lamps make 100% of luminous flux available immediately after being switched on;
Frequent switching on and off is not at the expense of service life;
LED lamps do not create harmful UV radiation; and,
LED lamps do not contain toxic mercury.

Consumer Savings Grow Quickly, Trimming Electrical Use by 80%

RCA LED lighting products offer a luminous efficiency of 60 to 80 lumens per watt, far surpassing the relative efficiency of both incandescent and halogen lamps. As a result, consumers can light a house by buying RCA LED lamps that consume far less electricity. An RCA LED lamp rated with 3.55 watts of energy use has approximately the same light output as a classic
incandescent lamp with 25 watts – a corresponding 8580% reduction of power use.

Similarly, an RCA LED lamp with 6 watts has the same light output as a 40 watt incandescent lamp – and RCA LED lamps last 10 to 25 times longer than similar incandescent bulbs. An average incandescent bulb used eight hours a day will need to be replaced after one year. An RCA LED lamp with the same light output will last ten times as long.

When compared to other LED lamps, RCA lamps are extremely competitive in terms of price. Replacement bulbs that offer the same light output as 60 watt incandescent bulbs will carry a suggested retail price lower than current in-market products, and the new RCA LED products are designed to last at least 10 times longer than today’s incandescent bulbs.

“Our RCA LED products are 80 to 85 percent efficient with a minimum loss of energy from the power coming into the bulb to the power going out as illumination. We’ve done the thermal research necessary to insure that RCA LED bulbs will last far longer than conventional lightbulbs and will also outperform other LED offerings from other manufacturers,” said Hatefi.

About RCA: RCA is one of the most recognized names in the electronics industry, delivering innovative and reliable technology that has been entertaining families for over 90 years. Consumers throughout the world depend on the RCA brand to provide products and services that feature the latest technology and design, are easy to use, and deliver the highest value and longevity. It's no wonder why generations of families continue to rely on the RCA brand for their home entertainment and lifestyle. RCA is a global trademark administered by RCA Trademark Management SAS of Technicolor SA.

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