Avago enables thinner digital cameras with small-footprint auto-focus auxiliary flash LEDs

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Avago Technologies has introduced two series of compact LEDs that reduce space requirements for designing auto-focus auxiliary flash functionality into digital cameras. The new ASMT-FJ70 and ASMT-FG70 devices are available in one of the market’s thinnest, smallest-footprint packages for LEDs with the brightness needed for auto-focus functionality in dark settings.

The ASMT-Fx70 LEDs are available in a tiny, environmentally-friendly 3.6 (L) by 3.2 (W) by 3.4 (H) mm surface-mount package that helps meet market demand for thinner digital cameras. The LEDs use a clear, non-diffused lens to provide high luminous intensity within a narrow radiation pattern, providing smooth, consistent optical performance for precise auto-focus functionality. The ASMT-FJ70 devices are orange and the ASMT-FG70 devices are the industry’s first green auxiliary flash LEDs in this size range.

“Digital cameras continue to shrink in size while growing in functionality and capacity, and our new auxiliary flash LEDs address this challenge by allowing designers to pack in greater functionality per square inch of the camera,” said Francis Khor, director of marketing for the optoelectronics products at Avago. “The Avago ASMT-Fx70 LEDs provide the best of both worlds, as they offer a small design footprint without sacrificing auto-flash performance.”

The ASMT-FJ70 devices use Aluminum Indium Gallium Phosphate (AlInGaP) material technology and feature a 12 degree viewing angle, while the ASMT-FG70 devices use Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) material technology and provide a 14 degree viewing angle. Both technologies have very high luminous efficiency, producing high light output over a wide range of drive currents. The narrow viewing angles deliver the long distance illumination and narrow beam pattern required for auto-focus auxiliary flash functionality.

Additional ASMT-FJ70 and ASMT-FG70 Features
• Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS 6 compliant package
• Shipped in tape and reel to facilitate pick and place manufacturing
• Operating temperature range of -40° to +85° C

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Web Site:www.avagotech.com/pages/en/leds/auto_focus_auxiliary_flash_led/asmt-fg70-nfj00

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