LA LED introduces smart IQ series street lights

Aug. 31, 2012
Date Announced: 31 Aug 2012 Lafayette, LA - LA LED, Louisiana manufacturer of LED lighting systems, proudly introduces their IQ Series of Parking, Street, and auto dealership LED lights. The revolutionary IQ series is completely customizable from the brightness level to adaptive Wi-Fi, NEMA, or D2 sensor for brightness control and on/off. The optional GPRS systems (General Packet Radio Service) allows for remote control of each light, its light level, or its lighting program for the evening, giving auto dealerships and municipalities complete control of their energy usage on a per lamp basis.The series ranges from moderate to extreme illumination, is designed to add or remove snap-in light modules in the field and has a 0-90º adjustable pole mount. Each module can be customized with type IV, I, II, III, and type V optics (type V coming soon). It is built on level for proper mounting, offers built in lightning protection to 6KV and is operational in temperatures as low as -40ºf. The IQ Series has been totally designed with the installation team and end user in mind.Robert Owens, President of LA LED, offered the following comments, “We determined today’s LED market needed a more cost effective solution that was easier to maintain than available LED or High Pressure fixtures offer. The IQ Series is built of quick disconnects, clamps that pop on an off, or bolt adjustable components allowing for the quickest installation and/or maintenance possible.”The IQ is built with a full range driver which can go from 80-305v native and 347 or 480v upon request. The lamps come standard as 120w with 9765 Lumens and ≥80 CRI, 150w with 13,000 Lumens and ≥80 CRI, 200w with 16,200 Lumens and ≥80 CRI, 240w with 19500 Lumens and ≥ 80 CRI, 270w with 22700 Lumens and ≥80CRI, and 320w with 26,000 Lumens and ≥80 CRI. LA LED is able to achieve over 85 Lumens per watt, ≥91 power factor, and lifespan of ≥50000 hours. Owens continued, “As always, we wanted to create a new product at a reasonable cost that our customers would truly appreciate. Lighting needs change in cities as they grow and car dealerships want to emphasize certain parts of their facility at night. We listened to our customer's requests and built their knowledge and need into one light fixture…the IQ. The high CRI or color rendering index exceeds the ability of Metal Halide lamps most auto dealerships use today giving crisper colors on their outside merchandise. This sophisticated product is a competitive way for municipalities and dealerships owners to regulate and reduce their costs."For additional information and to inquire about purchase or lease, contact LA LED at 888-347-9295.


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