Illumis Lights releases AC-LED module with ELV dimmers

What’s the weakest link in an LED lighting system? Almost always, it’s the driver. Not only that, drivers use space, restricting lighting designers’ creativity.

Now Illumis Lights has solved both problems with its revolutionary AC electrical system.

Our new range of high-voltage AC LEDs benefit from exactly the right driver conditions thanks to our proprietary Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). No driver to fail, no housing to frustrate lighting designers - and a very competitive price at the quality end of the market.

We’ve solved other issues too in our state-of-the-art modules:
• Unrivalled power efficiency at more than 92%, with a power factor greater than 0.9
• Excellent reliability – the modules’ lifetime is limited only by the LEDs themselves and are projected at more than 50,000 hours at case temperatures of up to 85C
• Excellent dimming capability with ELV dimmers that vary the current to an entire LED array rather than individual banks of LEDs. As dimming is linear, individual banks of LEDs won’t turn off
• There are no electrolytic capacitors or magnetics giving form factor and reliability
• The drive current is easily adjustable with a simple, low power resistor offering design flexibility
• It’s possible to provide multiple lumen output variations with a single design
• Safety issues are greatly reduced because, with smaller components, the high voltage parts can be shielded with our unique 5VA-rated interwoven fibre. A laser-cut aperture enables the LEDs to emit directly into air
• Each board is UL recognised (being a self-contained unit allows for easy fixture listing).

“We’re very proud to offer this range and believe that there will be great demand in both Europe and North America,” said Brian Bennett, Technology Director, Illumis Lights.

“Once again, it proves that we’re ahead of the curve in anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers, enabling them to remain at the forefront of fast-paced developments in the LED lighting industry.”

The Illumis Lights AC LED module is available in compact track lights and downlights, all of which meet Zhaga requirements and can be used in place of typical DC Zhaga components. The products are all fully supported by third-party LM79 data, UL certification and a five-year warranty.
You can download our AC LED catalogue from our website (

About Illumis Lights
Illumis Lights designs, manufactures and sells high-performance, quality-assured and independently-tested LED lighting fixtures to OEMs for private label and commercial buyers in the UK, continental Europe and North America. We offer outstanding value, attentive support and premium products at the cutting-edge of design and technology.


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