RazorLED.net offers 12-36-VDC Quattro four-zone wireless LED dimmer

RazorLED.net introduces the new wireless Quattro 4 Zone LED wall Dimmer for complete control of LED strip lights, puck lights, and even smart bulbs. The Quattro design is the first of its kind, allowing it to be mounted with other switches in your existing wall junction box, providing up to 4 individual zones of light control. And with a high quality finish, it is the perfect solution for a professional installation.

Previously customers and installers had to rely on an electrician running expensive wiring and lots of labor to Complete their LED lighting installation. However with the introduction of the Quattro 4 zone controller that's a thing of the past. Most available remotes and controls are cheap imports and have an unrefined finish with an enormous amount of unnecessary buttons, and most importantly, won't fit with your current Decora switches.

RazorLED.net offers a solution to the epidemic of tasteless, cheap and complicated remotes, with the Quattro 4 Zone Wireless Dimmer. The clean design has been finished in a modern white finish and has a high quality feel and function to the overall design. Only one hand is required to operate the remote if mounted in the wall, or if used as a handheld device. The modern subtle finish of the dimmer suits any installation and will not look out of place for even the most professional setting.

The Quattro 4 Zone Wireless dimmer has several notable features. The dimmer is easy to set up and remembers the last brightness setting using the built in memory function. The dimmer also has a soft on soft on / off function, which turns the lights on and off in a gentle manner. The paired LED lights can be dimmed completely from 0% to 100% brightness. The dimmer also has a generous 100 foot range. Additionally it will be able to control smart bulbs as well as have an integrated phone app control feature.

The Quattro 4 Zone Dimmer is excellent for controlling up to four zones of lighting from one switch location saving space and maximizing efficiency. It's an excellent switch for controlling over cabinet, in cabinet, under cabinet, and toe kick lighting all from one switch individually or all together. Available December 2014.

About RazorLED.net: RazorLED manufactures and distributes a wide range of LED lighting products and solutions, including but not limited to private label and custom manufacturing of LED lighting solutions.


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