Element Labs Versa Tubes provide breath-taking backdrop at Grammy Awards

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Santa Clara -- The golden anniversary Grammy Awards ceremony (the biggest in the event’s fifty year history) was all about glamour and elegance – both on- and off-stage. The award ceremony’s spectacular stage set-up featured Element Labs’ renowned Versa TUBE HD product, which provided both lighting and video effects as backdrop to the acts and award presentations.

This year’s show, which featured over 1,700 Versa TUBE HD modules, was designed by Bob Dickenson, also known for his work as lighting designer on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the 78th Annual Academy Awards and the Athens Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Dickenson chose the Versa TUBE HD in order to have a product that could function as both video display and lighting device. The Versa TUBES on the set were consistently white-balanced to accomplish very dynamic lighting effects during performances, while providing video background during the award ceremony presentations.

The Versa TUBE HD offers an eye-catching LED lighting module that brings enormous flexibility and creativity to a designer’s toolbox. By using video signal for control, the Versa TUBE HD delivers countless looks from vibrant patterns to organic flows. A special diffusing lens ensures smooth light output and durability. This cutting-edge product gives designers content creation capabilities with an expansive color range and high light output.

The flexible nature of Element Labs’ Versa TUBE HD makes it a favorite among designers throughout the world for such varied applications as touring stages, illuminating media facades, film and television sets, architectural treatments, and tradeshows.

Nils Thorjussen of Element Labs says: “This is a stunning application of the Versa TUBE HD that really illustrates the product’s versatility and ability to bridge the gap between lighting and video.”

About Versa® TUBE HD
Versa® TUBE HD introduces an eye-catching new element to the designer’s toolbox. Imagine fluorescent tubes and neon changing color, having moving color patterns, and glowing, with dynamic visual effects. All this is now possible with the Versa TUBE HD.
By using video signal for control, the Versa TUBE HD delivers countless looks from vibrant patterns to organic flows. There’s no limit to what can be displayed.

Each tube uses proven LED technology to give a broad range of beautiful colors. A special diffusing lens ensures smooth light output and durability. Place tubes in any layout to run coordinated effects throughout.

Just like a television screen whose image is created by thousands of individual pixels, each Versa TUBE contains a row of 36 pixels composed of super bright red, green, and blue LEDs. Think of each tube as a small slice of a TV display.

In fact, Versa TUBES work by mapping pixels from a computer monitor directly to the pixels in the tubes. Any video source or graphics program—such as Photoshop or Flash—can create effects. What you see on your computer desktop is displayed on the tubes.

About Element Labs
Element Labs, Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Germany and the UK, is a global leader in design, manufacturing, and support of cutting-edge LED video technology to the entertainment, architectural, and signage industries. Their award-winning products and customized solutions give designers the freedom to innovate and realize their creative visions. For more product information, please visit: www.elementlabs.com

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