Electrolube exhibits at EuroLED for the first time

Date Announced: 28 Apr 2008

This year, Electrolube the global manufacturer of electro-chemicals, will be exhibiting at EuroLED for the first time at stand LED 23.

Visitors can expect to see established products from Electrolube’s thermal management range including TCR, a high strength RTV; UR5562, a polyurethane resin; DCA, a modified silicone conformal coating and HPA, a flexible, fast-drying transparent acrylic conformal coating. The range of applications for thermally conductive materials has greatly increased as electronic circuits have become more complex and powerful. Advances have resulted in greater heat generation, which must be drawn away from the components quickly and efficiently to ensure long term reliability and operating efficiency.

TCR is a high strength Room Temperature Vulcanizing silicone (RTV) providing a very high degree of thermal conductivity. RTVs are based on silicone polymers that cure with moisture to form a solid polymer network. TCR cures to a solid within 24 hours at room temperature, provides excellent thermal conductivity at 1.79 W/mk and operates from 50˚C to +230˚C. The low odour product is applied between components that may overheat and heat sinks to ensure rapid heat transfer. The product can be applied in between the PCB assembly and final assembly; the cured rubber conducts heat to an outer casing making lights cold to touch.

UR5562 is a semi-rigid optically clear polyurethane high performance resin, ideal for use in LED and protective applications. The resin system is extremely durable whilst maintaining a low viscosity, which can be used for a wide variety of applications. It has excellent resistance to yellowing when exposed to UV light. UR5562 operates at a temperature from -40°C to +120°C

DCA is a flexible transparent and unique modified silicone conformal coating (SCC3) specifically designed for the protection of LED components and electronic circuitry. Holding approvals including the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) DEF-STAN 59/47 Issue 4 and Underwriters Laboratories UL746CQMJU2, the coating is touch dry in 50 - 55 minutes, has excellent adhesion under all climatic conditions to a variety of substrates and fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection. DCA can be sprayed, dipped or brushed.

Like DCA, HPA has been specifically formulated for the protection of electronic circuitry, has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection. HPA has a wide operating temperature range and can be soldered through without fear of producing highly toxic gases as it contains no isocyanates. It has excellent dielectric properties and is RoHS compliant.

Electrolube, a division of the H K Wentworth Group, is based in Derbyshire with offices in Germany, France, China, Brazil, Australia and USA. Their extensive product portfolio includes resins, contact lubricants, cleaning solutions, conformal coatings, thermal management and maintenance and service aids. For more information about Electrolube, please visit www.electrolube.com.

Karen Harrison – Marketing Manager Electrolube (A division of HK Wentworth Ltd) International Headquarters: Kingsbury Park, Midland Road, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 0AN, UK T: +44 (0) 1283 222111 F: +44 (0) 1283 550177


Web Site:www.electrolube.com

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