Q-TRAN Wins Two Top Design Innovation Awards At 2008 LightFair International

Date Announced: 06 Jun 2008

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT--- After more than three-plus years of planning, Q-Tran CEO/Founder John Tremaine has announced that the firm has Won TWO LightFair International (LFI) Innovation Awards for its Direct Burial Q-Set and Q-Vault Series in the Q-Scape System, from a field of 187 entries.

* Q-Tran Wins the 2008 Design Excellence LFI Innovation Award for exemplifying the very best in innovative design, thinking and application.

* Q-Tran Wins the LFI Innovation Award for Best of Category in Landscape, Pool and Fountain lighting products.

Q-Tran, the industry leader of high-performance power supply systems and transformers, has been internationally recognized for product excellence by Lightfair International, the largest annual Trade Show and Conference for architectural and commercial lighting today, as well as Architectural Lighting magazine and eLumit.com Website. Additionally, scores of landscape architects, lighting designers, engineers and other specifiers within the design community have praised Q-Tran products at LightFair International.

“We are honored to receive these Innovation Awards,” explained John Tremaine. “Earning recognition at LightFair is the culmination of more than three years of hard work and perseverance during the development of our comprehensive Q-Scape line. We listened to the challenges associated with landscape lighting and developed the Q-Scape line as a comprehensive solution to meet all of the low voltage and LED lighting power supply needs of lighting designers, landscape architects and installers.”

“Although we are proud to be recognized for Q-Set and Q-Vault in our Direct Burial Series in the Q-Scape System,” explained Gean Tremaine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the firm, “This is just the beginning… We have designed more than a dozen product families, comprising 217 originally designed components, featured in the all-new Q-Scape System— ‘The Power behind Landscape Lighting.’ We have many other breakthrough products on the horizon and we hope that our friends and colleagues will share in our excitement within this market segment.”

Q-Scape offers a complete power system offering modular design, ease of installation, aesthetic looks, high performance, low maintenance, long life and unequaled performance. All toroidal transformers offer a 10-15 percent energy savings over industry standard models.

John Tremaine continued, “Q-Scape is the Power Behind Landscape Lighting… Everything but the Fixture!”

About Q-Set
Designed to be aesthetically pleasing while delivering high performance and a quiet operation, the Q-Set Series of Power Supply Centers offers nine models of toroidal transformer cassettes, ranging from 2.5 inches to five inches in width. The smaller Q-Set1 offers one secondary circuit breaker (CB) of 15, 20 and 25 amps, which provides 180, 240 or 300 watts in maximum lamp load. Q-Set2 offers two secondary 15, 20 or 25 amps (CB) for maximum wattages of 360, 480 or 600, while Q-Set3 incorporates three secondary 15, 20 or 25 amps (CB), which provides 540, 720 or 900 watts.

Each Q-Set is crafted with a custom designed, 50-amp, large capacity terminal block to hold a maximum of seven #14 AWG wires, or five #12 AWG wires, or four #10 AWG wires, or two #8 AWG wires, (Q-WIRE is available is all sizes). An extra-long, one-inch strip allows for two set screws per terminal, to provide tighter connections and ensure better transferal of the high amp power. The unique primary compartment, containing high voltage wires, is separated from the secondary wiring for additional safety. Specially designed, insulated tools are supplied to maintain tight connections and keep wires torque.

Q-Set surpasses the industry’s most stringent standards as the only power supply center to feature three UL listings: UL1838 code for landscape lighting, UL code for pool/spas, and UL2108 code for interior lighting.

About Q-Vault
Q-Vault is a housing designed to contain a single Q-Set2 or Q-Set3 cassette, or one or two Q-Set1 cassettes together. The highly versatile Q-Vault installs in-ground and enables Q-Sets to be interchanged, to meet varying wattage requirements as the project evolves and user needs change.

The black composite housing is equipped with an extra thick door gasket, perforated drainpipe, two stabilizing bars and an installation kit. The housing unit measures 9.5 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, and 12.5 inches deep. Options include a marine-grade 316 SS concrete pour ring, a 316 SS diamond plate steel cover, and a heavy-duty, Bronze plate cover.

Q-Set transformer cassettes and Q-Vault housing units are designed, engineered and manufactured in North America.

About Q-Tran, Inc.
In 1993, Q-Tran, Inc. was founded by John Tremaine, an accomplished lighting designer born into a family of lighting entrepreneurs and innovators. He began his career with The Miller Company, a firm acquired in the 1930’s by his great grandfather, who founded the National Electric Lamp Association (NELA Park), which became headquarters for General Electric Lamp Headquarters. Ownership of The Miller Co. was passed-on through generations of the Tremaine family, until being sold to Hubbell Lighting in the 1980s.
While operating a high-tech lighting showroom, John Tremaine founded Q-Tran as a source for developing remote transformers that eliminated noise and heat, significantly improving performance to enhance the quality of light. Operating with the mantra “EnlightenedThinking®,” his firm pioneered innovative transformers with improved safety, reliability, performance and convenience, and developed the first power supply center designed specifically for low voltage lighting.

Over the years, Gean Tremaine, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Jordan Nodelman, Vice President of Operations, would take their place by their father’s side, helping to build Q-Tran as a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, power supply systems, transformers and components.

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