Dialight raises the standard for LED traffic signal quality and compliance

Date Announced: 18 Nov 2008

-- Third party certification testing by Intertek-ETL to go beyond ITE qualification standards with ongoing random production unit tests of Dialight LED Traffic Signal products

Farmingdale, NJ -- Dialight Corporation (LSE: DIA.L) has announced its support and participation in an LED Traffic Signal Modules Certification Program with the independent testing firm, Intertek-ETL (ETL). Under this program, verification of Dialight’s LED Traffic Signal circular ball products, arrows and pedestrian signals will be independently tested and evaluated to the most recent Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

Specifications for LED Traffic Signal Modules

These specifications include:
1. Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Heads – LED Circular Signal Supplement June 27, 2005
2. Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Head – LED Vehicle Arrow Signal Supplement July 1, 2007 including the “Omni Directional Option portion of the specification”
3. Pedestrian Traffic Control Signal Indications – LED Pedestrian Traffic Signal Modules March 19, 2004

In addition to the design qualification requirements of ITE, initial and periodic audits of Dialight’s LED Traffic Signal Module manufacturing facility, production run units and other measures will be performed by ETL. This will further ensure that the LED signals modules are consistently produced to the highest standards available.

As an ISO 9001-2000 registered firm, Dialight also maintains its own strict policies and procedures regarding compliance to the specifications, quality and service practices.

Dialight is no stranger to the stringent requirements of the ITE specifications having originally signed an agreement for this program with ETL in 2001. At that time the program was not implemented primarily due to the lack of support by other LED signal manufacturers and the absence of ITE LED specifications for arrows and pedestrian signals. This omission has been rectified by the new ITE specifications which individually address unique design and performance requirements for LED Traffic signal ball, arrow and pedestrian signal modules.

The new ETL certification program adds the declaration of compliance with ITE requirements of an independent testing agency to Dialight’s own declaration of compliance. Prior to engaging with ETL on this official certification program, Dialight has utilized ETL to test and supply independent reports certifying compliance to the design qualification requirements of the ITE specifications. The new program goes beyond the ITE design qualification requirements by also verifying compliance to all of the “production requirements” of paragraph 6.3 of the applicable ITE specifications.

Prior to implementation of the current program, LED traffic signal manufacturers could submit sample units for third party testing. They could then request that the units be tested to all, some or modified ITE specifications. The new program’s factory audit, random sample inspection, definite interpretation of the specifications and testing requirements now ensure that purchasers, specifiers and end-users receive the highest degree of confidence in product quality, performance and adherence to the full ITE requirements.

Moving forward, all Dialight’s LED traffic signal products meeting the program requirements will carry a special Intertek ETL Verified label while their catalog numbers and certification certificate will be listed on the website at www.intertek-etlsemko.com/ledtraffic.
Over the past 10 years Dialight has participated in a similar program with ETL for its FAA certified products, so the new ETL program for LED Traffic Signals is its natural extension.

As the best way to ensure that products being specified or purchased will truly meet the highest standards, the company now recommends that customers write specifications for LED traffic signal ball, arrow and pedestrian signal modules in full accordance with the ITE specifications. It also encourages them to add a supplement requiring the manufacturer to be a participant in the Intertek ETL Traffic Signal Certification Program.

About Intertek
Intertek provides testing and certification services for a variety of commercial and electrical products, including product safety testing and certification, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, performance testing, and management systems certification. These services provide global market access to customers in industries such as automotive, building products, cabling/wiring products, consumer products, food service, furniture, household appliances, HVAC, industrial machinery, IT, lighting, life safety/security, medical devices, power systems, retail, semiconductors, telecom/radio, wireless equipment. Visit www.intertek-etlsemko.com/ledtraffic

About Dialight
Dialight plc (LSE: DIA.L) is leading the lighting revolution for industrial users across the world. Applying leading edge LED technology it produces retro-fittable lighting fixtures designed specifically for hazardous locations, obstruction lighting, traffic and rail signalling to vastly reduce maintenance, save energy, improve safety and ease disposal. Versions of these high specification luminaires are also produced for more general industrial and outdoor situations. The company is headquartered in the UK with operating locations in the UK, USA, Germany and Mexico.

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