Chroma-Q LEDs shed light on new Bond mission at Harrods

Nov. 28, 2008
Date Announced: 28 Nov 2008 The exhibition windows at Harrods, Knightsbridge have been brought to life with a cutting-edge Chroma-Q™ LED lighting installation to promote the launch of the latest James Bond movie – ‘Quantum of Solace’. The collaboration between the World’s most famous department store and the World’s longest running franchise in film history sees the main Brompton Road windows decked out with scenes and products from the new film.Lighting & AV consultant Andy Evans of Practical Creative Solutions approached A.C. Special Projects Ltd. to supply the lighting for the window displays, and design an AV solution to pipe the two-minute movie trailer to HD TV screens in all other windows along the Brompton Road frontage. Andy wanted a cutting-edge LED lighting scheme to give the window scenes an overall ‘wow’ factor, bringing them to life when viewed day or night, both highlighting and enhancing the various props. In addition to choosing LEDs due to their energy efficiency - as the window displays are scheduled to run for up to 18 hours per day over a one month period - Andy also wanted an elegant one-box solution that could be installed discreetly, and would be quick and easy to set-up, due to a tight turnaround on the displays.After reviewing various technologies at PLASA, Andy selected the latest Chroma-Q range Color Punch™ and Color Split™ LED fixtures, which were supplied by A.C. Special Projects Ltd.He commented: “I chose the Chroma-Q fixtures because they’re nice compact, self contained units with the ability to daisy chain them together - providing a very neat appearance with minimal clutter and cabling. They’re also very quick and easy to set up and have a rugged design, making them ideal for temporary installations.”The Color Punch fixtures are used to front light and top light the actual scene-stealing Aston Martin DBS used in a thrilling pre-credits opening car chase, providing a sequence of colours to convey the mood of the scene. Also, the car is backlit at low level in chasing ambers by Color Split fixtures floor-mounted on the in-store side of the open window display.For another explosive action scene involving a Sunseeker Yacht, Color Punch fixtures top light the vessel in blue, providing a ripple effect across the window to convey the perception of speed and movement. Also, the Sunseeker is front lit in blue on both sides by floor-mounted Color Split fixtures, to simulate the water.Andy commented: “I’m impressed with the light output of the Color Punch unit, which definitely cuts down on the number of fixtures I needed to get sufficient light coverage on the scenes, and the Color Split fixtures were great for picking out key details on the car.”A.C. Special Projects Ltd. also supplied two Robe DigiSpot 3000 units to project the movie trailer and various still images onto the Aston Martin and the floor by a separate bar scene from the film.On the AV side, A.C. Special Projects Ltd. supplied a high-specification, self-equalising video over a Cat5 distribution system with cable distances of up to 300m on a single run. This enabled the feed of the movie trailer to all 22 TV screens along the windows without any degradation in picture quality from the single HD source.Eon ProductionsQuantum of Solace ©2008 Danjaq, United Artists, CPII. 007 and related James Bond Trademarks, TM Danjaq. All Rights Reserved.

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