Fine jewelry designer Scott Kay turns to LED lighting for new, national retail display cases

Date Announced: 20 Nov 2008

Greenlight Initiative, a New York based LED lighting sales and solutions provider, announced today that renowned fine jewelry designer, Scott Kay, America's best-sold bridal brand and the leading men's fine fashion jewelry at hundreds of key retailers nationwide, has adopted an innovative LED lighting system for its new generation of retail display cases.

Credited with the resurgence of platinum jewelry in America, platinum-smith Scott Kay’s designs are offered in over 800 US locations. As part of its successful branding strategy, their lines are now being offered in custom-designed cases that it supplies to key retailer partners.

The Greenlight solution for the all-glass display cases is designed around Albeo Technologies' "Brilliance" white LED linear display lighting system with specialized mounting and adjustment approaches. The Greenlight-supplied LED lighting solutions are being incorporated into a variety cases that differ in size and orientation.

"Our singular focus on quality and innovative design is summed up in our 'Never Compromise' philosophy," noted Dan Scott, Chief Marketing Officer with Scott Kay, Inc. "It is of critical importance that our customers always experience our hand forged fine jewelry in, literally, the best light. We needed to live out this concept in a new, perfectly lit design within our display cases. Each offers our retailers an extremely high-quality, reliable, environmentally conscious and virtually maintenance-free environment in which to spectacularly showcase our lines. Greenlight Initiative was able to present us with the right solution, without compromise."

Display lighting is a critical element in the retail environment. While fluorescent sources are common for accessory display cases, low-efficiency halogens are often selected for higher-end jewelry in order to achieve the desired sparkle.

According to Nik Nicolakis, President and co-founder of Greenlight Initiative, "It's not yet common for customers to clearly recognize that an LED-based lighting system is not solely a tool to lower energy or maintenance costs, but that it can represent a tremendous value-add in many applications. For Scott Kay, the adjustable angle of the light projection, and the ability to carefully select a color temperature that maximizes the brilliance of these beautiful designs, pointed to LED lighting as an investment with a positive ROI. It also makes environmental sense when compared to fluorescent sources. Scott Kay makes use of natural elements, but mercury isn't one them, and it shouldn't have to be part of their lighting system either."

With a realistic system lifetime of 50,000 hours, LEDs minimize the logistics and maintenance for retailers who understand that burned out bulbs make a product unappealing and directly impact the bottom line. The initial cases equipped with the Greenlight solution have already been provided to a number of Scott Kay's retailers. Follow-on installations will continue across Scott Kay's network, including such notable retailers as Saks Fifth Avenue and hundreds of leading retailer partners.

LED solutions are generally very low profile and can be designed to provide exact color temperatures from warm to sparkling cool that really make a specific type of product 'pop' in the consumer's eyes. Greenlight felt Albeo's 'Brilliance' line was a natural fit for the application. Not only was it built for thermal management and durability, but also in Greenlight's vendor-qualification testing program, Albeo's products demonstrated the most consistent color and quality of any solid state lighting linear source of the many evaluated. Albeo's 5-year warranty, and an outstanding price-to-quality ratio were also important factors in the selection process.

"The project was not without its challenges," continued Mr. Nicolakis. "Greenlight quickly realized a more custom solution was called-for given the requirement to create a single-supplier solution that fit in all-glass cases of differing sizes. With the need for flawless communication and to meet the time constraints involved, the advantages of a company that builds their LED lighting product right here in the USA was clear. Albeo Technologies rose to the challenge and with the collaborative efforts of everyone involved, they supported a process that sped from concept to delivery in just over two weeks. Scott Kay’s demand for quality lighting was met with confidence and on time."

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