Spectacular LED Stage Lighting at the Beijing Olympic Stadium

Date Announced: 13 Aug 2008

Irvine, CA – August 13, 2008 – Apcus Technologies, the leading innovator of LED (light emitting diode) displays proudly announces the overwhelming success of the Ground Bar at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Both spectators at the Olympic Stadium, as well as home viewers were mesmerized at the opening ceremony at this year’s Olympic Games.

Aside from being dazzled by the precise choreographed moves of the stage performers, and the magnificent and prevailing display of fireworks, audience members were also fixated with LED lighting technology that up to this point was only seen in the movies.

From the giant LED video displays, to the bright Olympic Rings, to the colossal center stage, LED lighting truly made a lasting and unforgettable impression to all who witnessed it.

Apcus Technologies and Beijing Leyard supplied over 1300 square feet of a product called the “Ground Bar”, a unique LED display that can be walked, danced, and even driven upon.

The Ground Bar display provides: Nichia LED technology, 3500 nits of brightness, durable magnesium/aluminum alloy casing, as well as two lengths to choose from – 1000mm or 1500mm. “We have only just begun to see what our Ground Bars are capable of. You can expect to see them incorporated into venues such as, walkways, night clubs, even modeling runways” comments Maria Crisp, Apcus Technologies General Office Manager.

Ground Bars are potentially the “next generation” marketing channel that advertisers are looking for. Displaying either static ads, video ads or even interactive ads, audiences will soon be exposed to fun, engaging, and entertaining forms of advertisements. To learn more about the Apcus Ground Bar, you can visit their website at: www.apcustech.com.

About Apcus Technologies
Apcus Technologies remains on the cutting edge of LED display technology by continuously innovating and improving LED display technology. With more than 3000 successful indoor, outdoor, and Pixelbar installations worldwide, they are one of the world’s largest and most prevalent LED displays companies in the industry.

Apcus Technologies stresses the importance of quality, by only using top-grade components in their displays such as Nichia and Cree LEDs. Their display products are UL listed, ISO-9001 certified, and go through an extensive burn-in and testing process to insure that every LED of every panel is operating at the same Kelvin temperature and brightness. They offer a five year limited warranty on every display.

For more information on the Ground Bar, please call Ron Randall at (949) 333-3393


Web Site:www.apcustech.com

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