Digilin announces its next generation of LED strips

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Maintaining its position at the forefront of LED Lighting technology, Digilin Australia has made use of the latest technology in LED lighting in the development of their range of next generation LED strips. All strips are dimmable, and work off a standard 24VDC.

The range of LED strips may also all be fitted into the new Javelin extrusion, which not only provides an architecturally pleasing linear fitting, but also allows for protection for the LEDs and can simplify installation.

Starting with the UltraLED range of LED strips -- which are the natural progression from Digilin’s range of popular LinearLight LED strips -- produce more light than the LinearLight Range (256 lumens per metre as compared with 150 in the case of the warm white strip) while using equivalent power. It also has a narrower profile (being only 10mm wide). The UltraLED range is available now in warm white, with further colours to follow.

As a compliment to the UltraLED, the MicroPower LED strip range uses more closely positioned LEDs. This produces very a smooth light, without bright spots reproducing the look and feel of neon, particularly when combined with the opal diffuser in the Javelin extrusion. This strip needs to be seen to fully comprehend how impressive it is, and the design possibilities that it creates. The only constraint to this level performance is that unlike the earlier LinearLight LED strips, the MicroPower LED strips require heatsinking to reach the manufacturer’s specified lifespan. However the heatsinking required may be achieved simply by using the strip in the Javelin extrusion. The MicroPower LED range is available now in warm white and blue, with further colours to follow.

Next in the release, is the Harlequin RGB LED strip, a successor to the LinearLight RGB LED strip. However, unlike the LinearLight RGB strip, the Harlequin strip uses all in one RGB LEDs, and as a consequence each colour source is positioned much closer. The result being that the Harlequin produces a less spotty colour mix, and the effect of colour fringed shadows is reduced. This further increases the already numerous possible uses for RGB colour mixing lighting using LED strips. The Harlequin RGB LED strip is available now.

The final new strip is the PowerLED strip, available in mid October. This strip uses 1W LEDs and is still compatible with the Javelin extrusion that again provides all the heatsinking that is required. Furthermore, as with all the new generation strips, the PowerLED strip is fully dimmable. The strip produces an impressive 1000+ lumens from only 18W per metre. The optional use of a focusing cover with the Javelin extrusion may be used to produce a narrower beam.

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