GTSO sees opportunities in LED industry created by China's rare earth export quotas

Date Announced: 11 Feb 2011

San Jose, Calif. - Green Technology Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB:GTSO) is working to develop new sources of rare earth elements outside of China that could help keep LED suppliers safe from shortages caused by new Chinese export quotas. Earlier this week, GTSO announced the execution of a joint venture agreement with Rare Earth Exporters of Mongolia to pursue mining claims and operations inside China’s neighbor to the north.

LEDs Magazine reported this month that the LED industry uses a wide and growing range of phosphor materials to convert the light emission from LED chips into a different wavelength spectrum. Many of the phosphors used in LEDs contain rare-earth elements, the availability of which has been cast into doubt by new quotas introduced by China.

China produces 97 percent of the world’s rare earths despite controlling only 37 percent of the world’s proven reserves. The difficult-to-mine elements are used in the construction of LED televisions and monitors as well as electric cars, iPads, wind turbines, and high-tech weapons. China has slashed its rare earth export quotas three times in the past two years as part of the country’s plan to support domestic manufacturing and promote technology transfer to China.

China does not hold all of the world’s rare earth deposits, however. Many experts believe that Mongolia, a former Soviet state, contains rare earth deposits that rival those of China. GTSO management is very enthusiastic about the prospects of its new Mongolian joint venture.

The JV plans to convey Mongolian mining products overland by railway for transport to the seaport of Vladivostok, Russia, in order to avoid shipping through China. Destination ports for these mining products are set to include the U.S., Japan and South Korea, checkmating China’s strategic export policies.

By developing a new source of rare earths outside of China, GTSO aims to counter the threat posed by China’s near-monopoly over materials critical to LED suppliers worldwide.

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