30-100W High Power LED Bay Light released by Derun Lighting

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30-100W High Power LED Bay Light released by Derun Lighting Technology Co., LTD. Please refer to the following for details:

DR-GK515 uses single high power (30-100W) LED as light source. Comparing with high power sodium lamps, it can save 60% energy.

Product Details:
Item no.: DR-GK515
Work Voltage: AC(85-265V)/50-60HZ
Power : 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 70W, 80W, 90W, 100W
Power Factor (PF): >0.95
LED Efficiency: 90-100lm/W
Lumens: 30W 2700-3000Lm
40W 3600-4000Lm
50W 4500-5000Lm
60W 5400-6000Lm
70W 6300-7000Lm
80W 7200-8000Lm
90W 8100-9000Lm
100W 9100-10000Lm
Fixture Efficiency: >95%
Color Temperature(CCT): 2700-7000K
LED Life: >50000Hrs
Warranty: 2 years

All our drivers in the flood light, tunnel light, bay light are CE, ROHS & UL certified. Drivers warranty: 3 years.

1. Anodic oxidation reflector and the design of patent heating body
2. Acrylic glass cover
3. Single high powerful LED light source(30-100W)
4. High efficiency stable LED driver

1. Workshops
2. Factories
3. Storehouses
4. Toll stations
5. Gas stations
6. Supermarkets
7. Exhibition halls
8. Gymnasium

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Web Site:www.derunledlights.com

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