Combine AC IC drivers, reduce energy bills with Opto Tech Corporation's lighting products

Date Announced: 12 Apr 2011

LEDs, in response to increasingly popular demands for improved energy efficiency and reductions in carbon emissions, have become the light source of a new era. In what seems like an instantaneous shift, LEDs are quickly replacing traditional lighting and are set to become the most favored form of next generation lighting. Opto Tech Corporation (OPTOTECH) has been focusing on combining environment protection and energy-saving technologies to research, design, and develop general lighting products since 2009. In January of this year, OPTOTECH announced its new AC DRIVER IC at the 2011 Lighting Japan International Exhibition in Tokyo. The driver component offers a wide range of applications for use in LED lighting, ranging from increasing the stability of high quality LED products to being utilized in commercial settings to provide more evenly distributed light, such as in offices, classrooms, cleanrooms, factories, parking lots, and hypermarkets.

New AC DRIVER IC lighting products use a quasi-constant current design which offers various advantages such as quick power up, stable LED operation, and a power efficiency over 95%. The non-electrolytic capacitor design lengthens the life span of lighting products from 1,000 hours to more than 40,000 hours while eliminating the shortcomings of electrolytic capacitors, such as short life spans, bulky volume, added weight of lighting products, high resistance, high temperature, lack of durability, and current leakage.

The new AC DRIVER IC lamps outperform traditional fluorescent lamps (assuming the same brightness) and offer businesses up to 50% savings in energy bills, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by half, providing better color rendering, increasing lamp equipment life span 5-8 times, and significantly reducing maintenance costs. The new lamps can also be used to take advantage of energy saving contests organized by your local power company, meet multiple demands to save energy and cut expenses, and more. OPTOTECH is also releasing new lighting products such as LED Billboard Lights and LED Bay lights to provide businesses with even more choices.

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