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Finally an affordable low bay led luminaire for parking decks, car washes, any outdoor application needing long term lifespans and also
energy redution.

This Low-Bay LED Luminaire employs
either 2 or 4 Cardinal™ Linear Lights to
create a low-bay light that is a one-for-one
replacement of a 175 watt metal halide.
The design uses a vapor-tight luminaire
that can be pendant, cable, or surface
mounted. The outer casing is an impactresistant
polycarbonate and both the 2
light and 4 light fixtures use the same
outer case. A 1/2" conduit port provides
with a compression fitting is located on one
side. The linear lights can be rotated
about their linear axis to create a custom
field-adjustable distribution. Compared to
a metal halide this luminaire has more than
twice the lifetime, 50,000+ hours, and
uses only half the power.

2 Lights: 32 Watt or 40 Watt
4 Lights: 80 Watt
Total Lumens*
2 Lights, 32 Watt: 2300 Lumens
2 Lights, 40 Watt: 2900 Lumens
4 Lights: 5500 Lumens
Efficacy* 69 to 73 Lumens/Watt
Voltage 110~277 VAC, (50/60 Hz)
Power Factor > 0.85
Color Temperature
4100 K (Standard White)
4700 K (Nature White)
6000 K (Cool White)
CRI 80
Beam Angle Adjustable
Size 50.2” Length, 6.3” Width, 4.3" Height
Mounting Method Pendant, Cable, or Surface
-40 °F to 140 °F
Lifetime 50,000 Hours (LM-80)
Linear Lights: UL 1993, 1598, 1598(B),
8750, FCC, CE, RoHS
Warranty 5 Years

1. 32 watt (2) Tube unit = $175.50 ea
2. 40 watt (2) Tube unit = $192.50 ea
3. 80 watt (4) Tubes mounted together = $375.50 ea
These Prices are for a complete Fixture unit with led Tubes.

Lead Times for orders 2-3 weeks depending on Volumes

Runion Energy Solutions LLC 5364 Tabler Station Road Inwood, WV 25428 304-616-2307


Web Site:www.runionenergy.com

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