PAS-NGL introduces dmx adressable RGB strips

Date Announced: 20 Apr 2011

NEW: Chasing RGB LED Strip (DMX) (pixel adressable)
Using the IIC or DMX controller, you can realize hundreds of chasing way.

• Each IIC controller can control 1024 pixels, or 64 m length of this flexible strip.

• DMX512 controller can control 512 addresses, which means 10 m length of this RGB strip.

Incorporates 3-in-1 5050 RGB SMD LED (or Single color

16 pixels per meter, usually 5 meters per reel.

Waterproof silicone tube outside or resin coating (rated IP65)

Maintain LED long lifetime & color consistency with microchips,

RGB controller available for IIC and DMX strips; it can realize hundreds of patterns of color

synchronization, sequence, chasing, rolling, cross fading or strobe effects

Parameter Description


LED pixel 16 pixels per meter

Control load IIC (WS2801IC) :

1024 pixels per universe ), 64 meters per universe

Control Load DMX512:

170 pixels per universe 10 m per universe

Operation voltage DC12V

LED Quantity 32 pcs RGB 5050SMD per meter

Power <12W / meter

Pixel Quantity 16 pixels per meter (2 LED as one pixel)

PCB color Yellow

PCB width 12mm

Humidity range 0-95% non condensing

Waterproof rate IP20 / IP65

LED source life 50,000h

Erwin Eeckhaut Bergemeersenstraat 137 9300 AALST Belgium


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