Maximize compound semiconductor machine productivity with straight, precise, and stable-velocity XY positioning

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Westborough, MA– The Airglide LED Wafer System from Dover is now available in a wide base version for additional stiffness and support for larger payloads up to 50kg, over travels up to 1 full meter. Combined with industry-leading straightness, high accuracy, and velocity stability while scanning, the Airglide system is an ideal maintenance-free positioning solution for stepping or scanning applications, and is particularly well suited for laser processing of LED or semiconductor wafers. Other applications include metrology or precision imaging systems which require high accuracy step positioning moves.

“The Airglide platform is flexible in its ability to be setup as an individual precision axis, or stacked as an XY assembly. Further, it utilizes ultra-precision air bearing ways to deliver clean and accurate positioning that, combined with zero-maintenance operation, maximizes system reliability which is vital for high throughput applications,” says John Garrity, Business Development Manager, Dover. “Users will find that the Airglide XY configuration is ideally suited to applications that require precise steps combined with velocity stability while scanning. Its straightness of motion makes it a perfect platform to be integrated into tools for LED and semiconductor laser processing and inspection.”

The Airglide system deliver straightness to ±0.5 µm, compensated accuracy to <1 µm, and bi-directional repeatability to ±0.4 µm. Depending upon the payload, it can accelerate at 5 m/s2, provide maximum velocity of 1000 mm/s, and deliver continuous force of 76 N and peak force of 240 N over available travel ranges from 100 to 1,000mm. The system can be operated with industry-standard servo drive control hardware, or packaged with a Dover control solution to deliver fully optimized positioning performance.

Available options include complete motion rotary and z-theta products, granite base, and granite bridge, which can be integrated with the Airglide XY. When configured in a vertical orientation for use as a Z axis, a pneumatic counterbalance system can be provided. Customized pneumatic tubing and signal cabling is also available for customer-enabling technology or additional axes.

About Dover
Dover designs and manufactures precision motion control solutions for global business. We build standard and custom-engineered components and systems that are used in OEM and end-user applications in life science, medical, flat panel display, semiconductor, data storage, factory automation, solar, and other markets. Our competence in air bearing technology, lead screw and ball screw design, electronic controller capability, and small stages to large scale gantries, allows us to deliver component-level and system-level solutions.

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