Crystal IS reports record performance of UVC LEDs for germicidal disinfection

Date Announced: 26 Jul 2011

Green Island, NY - Crystal IS, Inc., the leading developer of ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UVC LEDs), has today announced devices demonstrating world record performance at the optimal germicidal wavelength, 260nm. In recently-published results, Crystal IS has revealed a 9.2 mW device operating at 100mA continuous wave current, (see Grandusky et al., Appl. Phys. Express 4 (2011). Total power of 100mW in pulsed mode was likewise observed.

“We are proud of this record result and of the unprecedented progress this past year towards high efficiency, long life UVC LEDs,” commented Leo Schowalter, founder and CTO of Crystal IS.

“This unsurpassed performance opens up new opportunities for germicidal irradiation applications,” commented Steven Berger, CEO of Crystal IS. “Clean and safe water, air, and surfaces to meet the needs of today’s world is our goal. We are leading the world in this technology and are currently sampling devices with the foremost market leaders across multiple industries.”

The UVC LEDs developed by Crystal IS operate at the optimal germicidal wavelength, and their proven efficacy, coupled with low power requirements, small size, and longer lifespan, make the diodes ideal for use in water and air sterilization products. Initial applications will include residential and office point-of-use systems such as water coolers and counter-top systems providing alternatives to bottled water. Hospital air for reduced infectious disease spread as well as safety of our food supply are additional application areas being explored.

About Crystal IS

Crystal IS, Inc. is the market leader in the commercialization of ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs) on aluminum nitride substrates for the cost-effective production of long lasting, energy efficient, water and air purification devices. Visit for more information.

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