MY-Semi launches 3 channels for RGB High Power APDM gray scale adjustment constant current LED driver IC MY9231

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31980 0 thumb Date Announced: 19 Jul 2011

Conventional high power LED architecture lighting usually takes constant voltage PWM or constant current driver with very costly high current driver IC as solution. Under such design, it comes out plenty of accessories, even very expensive.

Smaller, stronger, more versatile. MY-Semi launches upgraded two-wire, three channels high power RGB LED driver IC MY9231. With 16bit APDM (Adaptive Pulse Density Modulation) gray scale adjustment and high accuracy performance, MY9231 is opening up entirely new areas of application such as cluster lamps, wall washing, LED architecture lighting, LED neon sign and other high quality RGB color mixing applications.

The 3-channel MY9231 supports up to 350mA constant current output and features EMI reduction data clock input. Furthermore, its APDM method increases visual refresh rate to 2,000Hz. A much easier PCB layout but much longer durability and much higher flexibility, thanks to MY9231’s innovative and compact design.

Moreover, clock duty recovery and pulse re-timing techniques make long cascading possible. Also, grayscale clock frequency division, output Tr/ Tf timing and current output waveform selections enable high power LED application.

MY9231 has been in mass production with various package types. Please contact us for more information.

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