High-brightness LED: Luminlite 3020LT

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With the intense colors that seem to glow with energy and its significant brightness, 3020LT is a highly reliable design device. Its dynamic nature makes it perfect choice for lighting applications, office and home applications and standard industrial applications.

‧Super high brightness surface mount LED.
‧120~130 viewing angle.
‧Compact package outline (LXWXH) 3.0X2.0X0.8 mm.
‧Lower thermal-resistance (<50 ℃/W).
‧Compatible to IR reflow soldering.
‧Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance.
‧Applications: General lighting, channel lighting.

For T8 - 4ft LED tube device, the luminous are 2730 Lm at 17.6W by using 210 pc Luminlite-3020LT LEDs, and better the luminous are 2592 Lm at 18.4W by using 288 pc Nichia-3014 Leds. The cost down more than 30%, and got more brightness 8%.



Web Site:www.luminlite.com.tw

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