Neon-EK presents MOSFET transistors by Silan Microelectronics

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Silan Microelectronics represents the fourth generation of high-voltage MOSFET of SVF series produced on their own patented technology F-cellTM. For example, SVF1N60 1Аv has channel resistance less than 8 ohm, in difference to previous generation of the transistors having the similar characteristic ~11 ohm. “Flagship” devices SVF8N80 and SVF12N65 by Silan have channel resistance about 1 ohm.

MOSFET power transistors are the "key" elements of modern power electronics. They are indispensable in applications where fast switching of high currents and voltage is required. Various manufacturing techniques allow capturing the wide range of voltage, current, performance and choosing MOSFET with the most efficient parameters.

These devices have operating voltage range from 400 to 900 volt, operating current range from 1 to 18 amperes, TO-92-3L, TO-220-3L, TO-220F-3L, TO-251-3L, TO-252-2L, TO-3PN package. It is possible find Silan analog to many widespread MOSFET (see the picture).

Should you have any questions, please, contact NEON-EK, Ltd. - official distributor of Silan Microelectronics in Bulgaria and Russia or send e-mail to

9000 Bulgaria, Varna, st. "Bаtаk" 7, the second floor, offices 9 and 10 +359(52) 606-113 +359(52) 606-881


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