Relume Technologies' LED fixtures selected for Detroit lighting project

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Oxford, Mich. – Relume Technologies, a leading manufacturer of light-emitting diode (LED) products and smart grid control systems for outdoor lighting applications, has installed its area LED fixtures in a Detroit, Mich. alleyway located between 14th and Wabash streets, behind the community art space Imagination Station.

The installation, which was completed in September by Relume’s distributer partner Lumecon, is part of a larger initiative to update the city of Detroit’s outdoor lighting systems. The lighting program is managed by Midwest Illumination and the Detroit Public Lighting Department, with the goal of making Detroit residents feel safer, as well as reduce lighting-related maintenance and energy costs.

“Increased safety is an important, yet often overlooked benefit of LED lighting installations,” said Crawford Lipsey, Relume’s CEO. “Relume’s bright white LEDs provide a clear, crisp daylight look for enhanced visibility and safety, while at the same time improving the overall nighttime environment.

“With budget cuts and a reduced labor force, the city of Detroit’s ability to fix and replace bulbs is limited. LED fixtures last 4-6 times longer than conventional lights, meaning fewer bulbs will need to be replaced and streets will remain lit.”

Relume’s LED fixtures combine the latest in CREE LEDs, system electronics, thermal management, and optical design to make LED lighting a practical reality for street and roadway lighting applications. The substantial savings in reduced energy and maintenance costs results in an average payback on investment of less than four years. In addition, Relume’s LED fixtures contain no hazardous materials and are fully recyclable.

About Relume Technologies
Relume Technologies is a Michigan-based manufacturer of highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective LED lighting products and control systems with sales outlets in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Relume products are used in municipal lighting, commercial signage, outdoor advertising, transportation, and US military applications. Relume Technologies is a founding member of the Michigan Solid State Lighting Association, and supports the organization’s mission of ensuring that Michigan is a global leader in solid-state lighting, research & development, and manufacturing. It was recently recognized as one of Michigan’s 50 Companies to Watch by the Edward Lowe Foundation. Relume’s LED outdoor lights use 40 percent less electricity than conventional streetlights and last up to six times longer. The substantial savings in reduced energy and maintenance costs results in an average payback on investment of less than four years.

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