NEON-EC has stock for new IR and UV LEDs

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New LEDs can replace usual springs of ultraviolet for such application
as: hothouses, disinfection of water and air, production processes,
poultry-yards and hatcheries as means of disinfection.
HPL-H44FH1BA 120гр., 660-670nm
HPL-H44TH1BA 60гр., 660-670nm
HPL-H44TU1BA-V1 60гр., 400-410nm
HPL-H44FU1BA-V2 120гр., 400-410nm
HPL-H44TU1BA-V2 60гр., 400-420nm
HPL-H44FU1BA-V2 120гр., 400-420nm

LEDs of blue lighting
HPL-H44FD1BA 120гр., 450-455nm
HPL-H44TD1BA 60гр., 450-455nm

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