Noribachi smartens energy with solar

Date Announced: 18 Oct 2011

Albuquerque, NM - Noribachi, advancing informed grid interaction through smart energy products, is expanding its solar product offerings in recognition of the importance of mainstreaming solar technology. Noribachi makes solar energy easily accessible with the release of its solar-hybrid LED packages, which allow any Noribachi LED light to be powered by a combination of grid and solar energy. Noribachi also introduces solar tiles, a new concept for urban power generation.

With these groundbreaking products Noribachi is generating a new mindset regarding the potential and accessibility of solar as well as pioneering user-friendly solar technology. Solar-hybrid packages reflect one of Noribachi’s core concepts, that of informed grid interaction, allowing users to determine how they power their lighting, with a customized grid-solar solution. Noribachi’s solar tiles exemplify the philosophy of smart energy products, or products that bend over backwards to cater to the user, while retaining the highest standards of both design and energy efficiency.

Sun Lights

Noribachi’s solar hybridization packages are a key evolution in the lighting industry, allowing customers to maximize energy efficiency in an informed fashion.
By integrating solar energy with the grid, lights are able to draw from whatever power source is most appropriate. During the day solar energy is stored in a battery and overseen by an intelligent power management system. This system uses the stored solar power throughout the night, and if necessary will seamlessly transfer power use to the grid, should the batteries become depleted. This dual form of energy control is an elegant, intelligent way of maintaining illumination in almost any circumstance.

Any outdoor luminaire can be improved with solar-hybridization using one of two panel mounting options. Noribachi can mount a standard panel above the light for a quick upgrade.

A more aesthetically sophisticated alternative is the usage of a custom panel which is disguised as a part of the light’s design. With mica-superstrate and other artistically camouflaged coverings, these solar panels invisibly provide power and don’t detract from the fixture’s aesthetic integrity.

“Solar-hybrid LED packages are going to be very beneficial in lighting due to the fact that we can retrofit any outdoor LED fixture with them. That makes solar power so much more accessible. With LEDs running on solar power the energy costs associated with industrial illumination all but disappear. In fact we’ve seen a number of installations achieve total energy self-sufficiency,” says Kimble McCraw, VP of Products and Services at Noribachi.

Solar in the City

Noribachi’s unique concept of solar tiles breaks the rules of solar as we know them. Solar tiles are designed to provide solar energy that meets practical efficiency needs in urban and/or design-conscious environments. Previously urban solar installs frequently met with problems such as over-large and ugly panels, lack of adequate installation space, and stringent development covenants. With products available for both the residential and industrial sectors, solar tiles confidently question the creative complacency around solar energy with bold new concepts, such as bifacial glass-on-glass tiles for maximum efficiency, and smaller hexagonal shaped panels designed for modular, piece-wise installation in space-constrained urban areas.

“These tiles finally make the idea of solar energy a reality for someone who lives in the city. It’s not a place where you have fields, or even a big roof for panels, and it’s also a place where architecture and style are important. Solar tiles overcome both of these challenges by being smaller and sleeker while still generating a useful amount of power,” says Celestyna Brozek, VP of Marketing at Noribachi.

About Noribachi:

Noribachi challenges rote relationships with energy and design through a distinctive, uncompromising design idiom and an ethos of self-power and grid-independence. Noribachi’s suite of clean technology products integrates proprietary energy optimization technologies with renewable power capabilities, embodied in beautiful, human-centered design.

Guided by the coequal precepts of sustainable power and design so powerful it is sustaining, Noribachi’s mission is to take a fresh look at the relationships humanity has with energy and beauty and turn that insight into a new generation of meaningful smart power applications under the Noribachi brand.

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