Renovated retail store draws shoppers with BetaLED interior lighting

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McCarran International Airport, the principal airport serving Las Vegas and Clark County, is the nation’s seventh-busiest airport. Ayala’s, Inc., an airport concession management company, recently renovated iCandy, their flagship store in McCarran, which provides travelers with an interactive candy shopping experience. iCandy is much more than just a candy store.

This unique store was redesigned by architectural firm The Richardson Partnership, led by project manager Amanda Twitchell. When Twitchell met with David Ayala, corporate manager at iCandy, she suggested that installing LED technology would enhance the shopping experience,
illuminate the store using fewer luminaires than traditional source technologies, virtually eliminate maintenance, and dramatically reduce energy consumption. Since the store marries advanced technology with a traditional candy experience it made perfect sense to install the most innovative LED interior lighting solution: BetaLED® Essentia® downlights.

“These interior luminaires are designed with cutting-edge technology so we knew it would be a perfect fit for iCandy,” said Twitchell. “Additionally, no other retail store in the airport is all-LED, further exemplifying the store’s uniqueness.” LED Interior Lighting Solutions Ayala, and his employees are thrilled with the BetaLED® interior lighting solution. Ayala selected 28 Essentia® LED architectural round downlights to illuminate the store’s colorful displays. “I couldn’t be happier, there is now eye-catching light,” said Ayala. “The light spreads so beautifully that the products really pop. People can’t help but be drawn to our store.”

The BetaLED® Essentia® luminaires provide noticeable color quality not only when the project is first commissioned, but throughout the life of the application as well. The BetaLED commitment to initial and long term color quality produces results unmatched by today’s most common high efficiency lighting solutions. Through the BetaLED unique blending technique, Essentia® luminaires deliver initial color point accuracy within a two step MacAdam Ellipse from the specified color point, with predicted color point stability within a two step MacAdam Elipse to the luminaires predicted L70. Essentia® luminaires also provide Color Rendering Index (CRI) and R9 values that meet the needs of today’s most discriminating interior lighting designers.

In addition, unlike designs that utilize traditional light source technologies that can compromise the original design intent with every re-lamping, Essentia® luminaires provide years of near maintenance-free service that eliminates such concerns. The increased efficiency gained by using LED lighting technology immediately benefits iCandy by reducing its environmental impact. Just as McCarran is committed to reducing its carbon impact in a multitude of ways so are Ayala and iCandy through energy efficient BetaLED® Essentia® luminaires.

• Overall Improved Illumination Performance
• Exceptional reliability
• Improved color quality and stability

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