Powerline Control Systems introduces GreenWorx

Date Announced: 24 Oct 2011

Powerline Control Systems, the inventor of the award winning Universal Powerline Bus® technology and developer and manufacturer of lighting control products, has introduced its GreenWorx family of energy efficient lighting control products perfect for commercial high bay buildings and parking structures.

GreenWorx products are built around the company’s patented Industrial Powerline Communication (IPC®) protocol, which is a derivative of PCS’s patented UPB® technology. IPC uses Pulse Position Modulation (PPM), very large pulses in the range of 20-200V to communicate. The fundamental nature of GreenWorx PPM communication method ensures that the IPC communication protocol is more reliable on higher line-voltages than lower voltages.

“With the introduction of our GreenWorx system, commercial contractors now have the opportunity to offer their clients a high performance lighting control solution that also helps facilities save energy and money—all without running wires!” said Marshall Lester, CEO of Powerline Control Systems.

The GreenWorx system provides optimum performance with fluorescent lighting to give high brightness with minimal energy use in high-bay parking structures. In a GreenWorx installation, a structure could have up to 3,500 fixtures and 250 user-defined zones, which can be controlled to 0%, 33%, 66% and 100% or any one of three present scenes. The system is fully-customizable making it easy for businesses to keep lighting on in areas where it is needed, and minimize lighting usage after-hours and in areas that are not in use.

The typical parking structure lighting package can be designed with a GreenWorx fixture by Lumax, providing high performance with the function of daylight harvesting and occupancy control.

Facility managers can save the maximum in wasted energy on a 24-hour run structure, Basing system programming on time-of-day and a photocell’s ability to measure light, with a return rate of up to 60%+ of current energy usage.

GreenWorx systems are built around five central core high performance products, including:

GreenWorx System Controller (GSC) – The central astronomical timer controller.

Zone Light Controller (ZLC) – A simple wall mounted controller capable of manually controlling up to four zones.

Fixture Control Module (FCM) – Small line voltage module capable of controlling up to two ballasts.

Voltage Sense Module (VSM) – Allows user to use low-cost high-voltage or dry contact devices on the network, such as Occupancy Sensors, Photocells and simple toggle switches.

Input Sense Module (ISM) – Senses UL Class 2 low voltage dry contact closures.

Attendees to Lightshow West 2011, held Oct. 26-27 in Los Angeles, Calif., will have the opportunity to learn more about GreenWorx and Powerline Control Systems by visiting the PCS exhibit, booth 737 at the show. Lightshow West is the only trade show and conference specifically created for west coast specifiers of lighting products.

For more information on GreenWorx from PCS, visit http://pcslighting.com/greenworx/

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