LED Lamp Locator portal Is enhanced with easy-to-use comparison tool

Date Announced: 08 Dec 2011

(New York, NY – December 8th, 2011) Lighting Internet Technology Enterprises (LITE) proudly announces that the LED Lamp Locator has just been enhanced with a powerful new “Comparison” Tool.

Located at www.LedLampLocator.com and lauded by industry professionals as a “tremendous new tool” for navigating the often-confusing landscape of LED lamp products, the web-based LED Lamp Locator is designed to assist professional lighting users in searching, evaluating, comparing, and specifying the market’s broad range of LED replacement lamps.

Allowing users to easily select and evaluate LED lamps from among multiple manufacturers across a standard and consistent platform, the LED Lamp Locator’s simple new tool further enhances the ease with which comparisons between the market’s broad range of LED lamp products can be made and the optimal product selected for the application at hand.

"Through its comprehensive features and continuous enhancements, the LED Lamp Locator offers a much-needed service to the lighting industry in its ability to help visitors view and choose from the market’s myriad LED products,” says Mark Roush, FIES, Principal of New Jersey-based lighting design and consulting firm Experience Light, LLC.

“With enough critical mass from participating manufacturers and their representation of real and legitimate LM-79/80 performance data (preferably from third party labs), the LED Lamp Locator stands to pave the way for more accurate apples-to-apples comparisons of LED products and perhaps even accelerate the standardization of replacement lamp alternatives."

According to LITE Director of Business Development Charlie Bowman, “the LED Lamp Locator’s new Comparison Tool is a simple-to-use but powerful feature which allows users to position up to 5 products alongside each other for a clear visual comparison. For additional ease-of-use in sales meetings or presentation settings, the user can even export the results of their product comparison to a PDF and customize the output for their specific needs as well as share the results using any social media tool,” he says.

Since LEDLampLocator.com was launched in late September 2011, visitors to the portal have already conducted 28,000 product searches and have viewed LED products from participating manufacturers over 53,000 times. With LEDLampLocator.com now out of its soft launch phase and its free trial period about to end, LED lamp manufacturers are strongly encouraged to complete their official registration on the site to best position themselves for sales and marketing success in 2012.

Supported by a broad-based public relations and promotional campaign, LLL’s launch has been communicated through a wide variety of targeted outreach activities and has achieved extensive exposure in key industry mediums. Recently expanded to comprehend linear LED product, the portal will be additionally enhanced to include LED fixture products in January 2012, further cementing the LED Lamp Locator as the lighting industry’s go-to resource for LED lamp product information and related material.

For more information on the LED Lamp Locator or to register on the site as a manufacturer, contact .


Web Site:the benefits of the LED Lamp Locator tool as a user, please visit www.LEDLampLocator.com.

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