Ledia E27 LED bulbs: replacements for 40W and 60W traditional fluorescent bulb

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LEDIA just releases a new series of E27 LED bulb with high thermal conductive plastic cover as heat sink, rather than aluminum. Also with a special design for easy heat transfer,our LED bulb exhibits high heat dissipation property and small weight, which guarantees high performance as well as long life span.

Operating with 100-240V, our new E27 LED bulb is available in 5.5W and 8.5W. With a decent efficacy of 72, our LED bulb can be a good replacement for the traditional fluorescent bulb.

390LM 5.5W LED bulb====== good replacement for 40W traditional fluorescent bulb

610LM 8.5W LED bulb====== good replacement for 60W traditional fluorescent bulb

Our recent sales feedback from European and US customers has well proved that the application of our new LED bulb with high performance offer not only energy-saving result, but also a superior lighting effect.

For more detailed info about our E27 LED bulb, please feel free to contact me via email: darren@ledialighting.com or skype: darrenledia.

We look forward to our business cooperation.

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