Next-generation parking garage lighting introduced by Global Dynamix Solutions' subsidiary Clean Light Green Light

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Mt. Clemens, MI - LED parking garage lights successfully designed to overcome the challenges associated with current LED options in this class is the latest break-through product offering from Michigan-based LED lighting manufacturer Clean Light Green Light (CLGL). Providing a beautiful, even light spread without aggravating glare to drivers’ eyes, this series sets itself apart with superior performance and maximum savings potential; both important considerations for this building sector where lighting consumes the majority of energy used and security concerns run high.

“By strategically engineering componentry we have used extensively and incorporating traditional housings readily available, we were able to solve the existing industry problems of uneven coverage and glare while keeping manufacturing costs down.” shares CLGL CEO David McKinney. “The result is a parking garage fixture that provides the core LED qualities of significant savings, reduced maintenance, and better visibility, with a highly effective and appealing light output at a reasonable price point. Our new LED parking garage series sets yet another industry standard demonstrating the experiential advantage of the CLGL design team and CLGL’s commitment to affordable technology that is reliable and ready for large scale implementation.” he adds.

The U.S. made CLGL PG (parking garage) series consists of six fixtures ranging from 34W to 112W providing easy retrofits for traditional high pressure sodium, metal halide and induction lighting that use from 100W to 250W. Like all CLGL LEDs, these lights impart superior color rendering resulting in improved visual acuity as well as accurate surveillance camera footage contributing to a heightened sense of security in parking structures. Their operating temperature range is from (-40) - 140˚ F making them functional in a broad range of climates and conditions, they are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant, and meet all National Electrical Codes for Foot Candle coverage. They even feature a vandal resistant lens.

Initial product pilots were conducted in parking structures belonging to Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, one of North America's largest investors, owners and managers of commercial real estate, and were very successful with full scale retrofits moving forward. In another pilot, a large international retailer tested the CLGL PG fixtures against 185W induction lights documenting equal foot candle output with substantial savings and an overall favorable outcome for CLGL. The new series is generating substantial interest including a major U.S. sports stadium currently in negotiations for a parking structure retrofit. In addition to parking garage structures, the series can be used for tunnel lighting, vapor-type lighting, and many outdoor applications.

According to a 2009 article titled “LED Parking Garage Lighting Installations Accelerate with EPAct Tax Savings”, the authors make the case that the global economic downturn combined with EPAct lighting tax incentives applicable to LED installations have effectively made LED parking garage lighting a disruptive technology that is serving as a precursor for the introduction of LED lighting to other building categories. They also reminded us that the sheer number of parking garage applications worldwide is quite extensive, including:
•City and town: government and private parking garages
•Airports: government and private parking
•Universities and other educational facilities parking
•Office buildings: government and private
•Malls and shopping centers
•Sports stadiums
•Hotels and convention centers

As the majority of parking garages stay lit 24/7, the estimated payback time for most of these projects will be under three years. Also to be considered is that the CLGL PG fixture offers an extremely long lamp life (50,000+ hours) at which point the light does not go out, but still emits 70% of the original lumens avoiding outages that can create potential safety hazards. The statistical analysis from one of the first documented parking garage retrofits in Raleigh, NC in 2007 featured in the EPAct article demonstrated an annual savings of just under $64,000 and an anticipated 15 year savings of over $635,000 (including LED lamp replacement and a relatively low kilowatt hour electrical rate of $.06). With dynamics such as this and the size of the market sector, the best-in-class CLGL PG series is expected to quickly become a top seller for the company.

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About Global Dynamix Solutions GB PLC
A wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Global Dynamix Solutions GB PLC, Clean Light Green Light (CLGL) develops, manufactures, and sells commercially viable LED lighting designed to retrofit into existing infrastructure as well as new construction. Started ten years ago, CLGL has demonstrated success in producing cost effective, superior quality lighting solutions that provide substantial energy and fiscal savings while reducing the carbon footprint. With one of the largest global LED lighting portfolios, CLGL is a world leader in the LED general illumination market and is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the LED lighting industry. CLGL is headquartered in Mount Clemens, Michigan and engages in global trade. To find out more, please visit and

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