Guardian introduces anti-reflective glass for lighting

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Guardian Industries has created a new glass that maximizes light transmission allowing maximum performance and energy efficiency for every fixture.

Guardian's latest innovation, Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass for Lighting, was designed to provide maximum performance and flexibility for lighting applications, while offering a single solution to increase light transmission, reduce reflection and increase the efficiency and efficacy of lighting fixtures.

Guardian’s AR Glass for Lighting offers a durable, multi-layer, sputtered anti-reflective coating that is applied to Guardian’s own high-quality glass. It is heat treatable, economical and highly effective at reducing reflectance. It also maximizes transmission allowing lighting designers to achieve maximum performance and energy-efficiency with each luminary fixture without impacting the traditional benefits of environmental and mechanical durability seen with using glass lenses.

Guardian’s AR Glass for Lighting can be used in a range of lighting applications, including: Area and flood lighting, roadway lighting, downlighting, industrial and architectural lighting, landscape lighting and residential lighting. Guardian AR Glass for Lighting is offered in both single-sided (SS) and double-sided (DS) configurations on a variety of glass formulation options including standard clear, EcoGuard low-iron, Pattern Glass, and SatinDeco (acid-etched) Glass.

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