Ambergreat introduces Amberstar 252W, 25312-lm LED street light

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1. Applied with top grade LED from Cree.
2. Ultra high lux output: 25312lm at 252W/278.7W LED power
consumption/total light power.
3. Reliable and high efficiency driver from Philips /Advance.
4. Modular design ,carring big range of power from 28W to 252W.
5. Ideal replacement of 700W and 900W conventional HPS
lamps/800W-1000W MH lamps, saving more than 64% energy.
6. Open air ventilation design ,good heat dissipation function.
7. Creat the beam patternthrougn non-image optics system,improve the
lumen output ratio.
8. Easy installation and maintenace.
9. Long operation life time, above 50,000 hours. Low maintenance costs.
10. Instant ON/OFF operation, no more waiting for warm up.
11. Superior color rendition compared to conventional industrial luminaire.
12. Selectable color temperature.
13. Resistant to shock and vibration.
14. Application place : Express way ,main road , national road,rural
road, Masts lamp.

Ambergreat Electronics Pte Ltd is a major LED street lamp, LED tunnel
light, LED gas station light,@LED parking garage lightCLED garden
light and LED high bay light manufacturer. We have a highly
professional RD team and professional sales and services in Singapore
and our manufacturing factories in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. During
the past ten years, Ambergreat has been keeping providing high quality and effective services for all valued customers. We keep pace with the up-to-date technology in the illumination industry, and in recent years, Ambergreat has been specializing in the LED project market especially in LED street lamp, LED tunnel light, LED gas station light,@LED parking garage lightCLED garden light and LED high bay light.

Since the recommendation of Ambergreat high power LED street lights
which are widely used in road lighting all over the world, Ambergreat
has been dedicated its full energy to the research of professional LED lighting products and the improvement of LED technology. And starting from August, 2010, Ambergreat High power CREE LED street lighting have been fully upgraded, they will recommend higher efficiency, higher energy-saving rate, less heat release and less degradation high power new LED street lights series.

Ambergreat the latest generation of LED Street Light,@Using high
brightness Original American CREE LED street lights (LED light
efficiency: 107lm/W),and At this time, Ambergreat LED have reached
long strategic business cooperation in the semiconductor lighting to
guarantee our customers better quality lighting source. The latest
generation of LED street lights will all use high brightness American
CREE LED. And this kind of cooperation is complied with idea for
upgrade UL LED street lights. It will be more reliable and effective
to solve the heat release issue and keep the quality of Ambergreat LED street lights more stable.

Achieving high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, excellent
heat dissipation, energy saving rate 70%Based on the classic modular
design first generation LED street lights, Ambergreat latest
generation improves the module design. using the latest high
brightness Original American CREE and the latest Ambergreat lens and
the excellent heat dissipation design, the light efficiency is much
higher and much more effective. This design of new generation LED
street lights have really achieved a high luminous efficiency, low
power consumption and excellent heat dissipation characteristics. By
scientific calculating, compared to the first generation LED street
lights, lighting efficiency of the whole LED street lights can raise
by 42%, and the energy saving rate can be increased by 25%.

The latest generation of LED Street Light Warrantee are 5 years.

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