Keep control of your LED and display illumination with colour sensors from Pacer

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Solid-state illumination systems using RGB LEDs provide many advantages over conventional lighting, including higher efficiency, variable colour point and fixture design flexibility. However, various factors affect the output colour, such as aging of components, LED junction temperature change, and variation between manufacturing lots. Consequently these systems require colour feedback control in order to maintain the selected colour.

Using TAOS colour sensors in a closed loop LED lighting system enables colour point maintenance control which will automatically compensate for changes in colour temperature. The end result is luminance stability and high performance of chromaticity.

Applications include speciality lighting for commercial displays, outdoor landscape lighting, entertainment LED neon signs, residential accent lighting and general illumination.

The benefits of designing in the TAOS sensors in summary:

• Maintains consistent colour point and lumen output over lifetime of system
• Increases system-to-system uniformity in multiple-unit installations
• Lowers cost by reducing the need for tight LED wavelength and luminosity binning

TCS3414 colour sensor features:

• External SYNC input (TCS3414) allows synchronization of sensor integration to LED PWM signal
• Wide dynamic range and high resolution for precise colour measurement
• Industry-standard I2C protocol provides simple digital interface with high noise immunity

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