Grasp Lighting Group, LLC calls for products for testing

Date Announced: 22 Nov 2011

Dania Beach, FL - Grasp Lighting Group, LLC announced the establishment of a West Coast lab facility to be able to test and measure the photo metrics and customer acceptance of various LED products.

GRASP will be able to evaluste LED high bay and low bay LED fixtures verses existing fluorescent fixtures and various induction fixtures as well as HPS systems. Evaluations will be done at various heights and spacing and existing facility management will be reporting their preferences and supportive pro and cons.

An open house will be scheduled to allow other clients in the surrounding areas of Northern California to visualize the fixtures within their facility ahead of procurement.

Grasp is a provider of LED lamps and fixtures through their OEM program coupled with lighting engineering, procurement, audits, surveys, financing and installation. Initial testing will begin in December and will be an on going and fully documented real life opportunity to test and evaluate various products. 5 manufacturers of LED fixtures/lamps and induction lights have or are supplying products for evalustion.

Additional space is available for other products to be tested as GRASP will be mocking up a retail track light setting and a garage setting where spacing and height may be adjusted to fit the potential customers specific needs.

Suppliers wishing to participate may contact Peter Baker, CEO/President.

Peter Baker CEO/President Grasp Lighting Group, LLC Dania Beach, FL

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