J&C Technology GoniLED: Let the luminaire/lamp under your control

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Lights make the night of the city more attractive. Lights make the home feel warm. To make these lights such a wonderful, luminaire engineers need to know how the beam distributed around the luminaire, and therefore, control how the beams go. GoniLED made by J & C Technology is the tool to help. It is designed to characterize beam distribution of luminaries such as halogen, fluorescent lamp and LED lighting with fully automated control program.

GoniLED consists of a 2 rotation axes goniometric system, a light detector (photo sensor/spectrometer), power supply with analyzer, standard lamp, a control PC and software. The optical properties output from GoniLED include total luminance flux, spectrum, XYZ, CIE xy, u' v' , CCT, CRI, domaint wavelength, wavelength purity, peak wavelength, full width at half max vs. Angle, etc. GoniLED can also output electrical properties such as voltage, electric current, power, and power factor. To help luminaire engineer, GoniLED can export the measured data to IESNA file which can be imported by various luminaire design softwares.

All sorts of light source such as automotive lighting, street lighting, general luminaries, room lights (architectural design) can utilize GoniLED to get the phtometric data for various vertical and horizontal directions. For details, please contact J & C Technology at optics@jnctech.co.kr.

System specification
Rotation Angle:
Phi: ± 90˚ ± 0.01˚
Azimuth: ± 90˚ ± 0.01˚

Wavelength range: 350 ~ 950nm
Bandpass: 5nm
Filter Wheel: Built in filter sets: ND1 ~ 2
Resolution: 16bit
Stray Light: < 0.2%

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