GANT flagship store in Prague opts for efficient LED technology from Erco

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Lüdenscheid – ERCO, the Light Factory, has for the first time implemented a lighting concept for the international lifestyle brand GANT that is completely based on LED lighting. Brilliant light, considerable energy savings and long life are only some of the key advantages of efficient LED technology. Quintessence LED recessed luminaires and Logotec LED spotlights provide scenic lighting in the “GANT Woman” salesroom located in Prague’s Myslbek shopping centre. Strong contrasts provide a clear structure in the room, as the light underlines the uniqueness of the GANT outlet and the exclusive nature of the brand. The result is a distinct “corporate light” realised for the first time in Prague, using highly efficient LED technology.

Shop windows as a welcoming business card

The special atmosphere in the shop is transported to the outside through the shop windows. Since the decoration changes frequently, the lighting needs to be flexible. The 14W LED Logotec spotlights and wallwashers mounted on ERCO’s 3-circuit track stand out due to their system design and cutting-edge optoelectronics. Exchangeable Spherolit lenses allow for variable light distributions ranging from narrow spot to wide flood, but also flood characteristics such as oval flood and wallwash. This makes it possible to illuminate vertical backgrounds evenly while, at the same time, deliberately creating extraordinary effects. Two Logotec LED spotlights each accentuate a mannequin with an illuminance of almost 5000lx for an exclusive and harmonious product presentation. The beam of the LED spotlights is free of spill light for stronger contrasts in the shop window even with low illuminances, thus using less energy.

Brilliant light for prestigious rooms

In the shop, the lighting concept combines uniform ambient lighting and vertical illuminance with flexible spots. The designers opted for 35W LED wallwashers and 21W LED directional luminaires. The vertical illuminance produced by the floodlights optically expands the room kept in dark wood, ensures excellent illumination of the shelves and creates a pleasant spatial brightness. The directional luminaires accentuate individual sections, such as the product tables. This creates an atmosphere of efficient visual comfort while, at the same time, structuring the space and highlighting the classic elegance of the GANT collections presented. As double washlights, ERCO’s Quintessence LED luminaires and flexible spots mounted above the mirrors provide for an equally warm and pleasant ambience in the changing rooms to create optimal conditions for customers in the cubicles.

High efficiency with low heat generation

In addition to a pleasant atmosphere, the lighting concept chosen for the GANT store also stands out due to its high energy efficiency. Compared to similar systems using HIT luminaires, the energy consumption of this concept is 30 per cent lower, combined with a longer life of the LED luminaires. As a further advantage, the LED technology generates less heat even despite a low ceiling height, which is not only beneficial for the products presented and the decorations, but makes work such as window dressing much easier. A further result is the reduction in the operating costs of the air conditioning system. Depending on the type of system used, it allows savings of up to 30 per cent.

About ERCO
ERCO GmbH, Lüdenscheid, is one of the leading companies in the luminaire industry. The family business founded in 1934 now operates with over 60 subsidiaries, branches and agencies all around the world. Working together with internationally renowned designers, lighting engineers and architects, ERCO develops hard and software for all areas of architectural lighting: luminaires and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor areas, as well as lighting controls and software for scenographic lighting applications. In keeping with the corporate philosophy of "Light not luminaires," lighting equipment is not offered simply as furnishing for rooms, but rather luminaries are offered as instruments of lighting design. Many demanding architectural projects are illuminated using ERCO equipment, including the Berlin Reichstag, the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

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