Evermax announces AC-DC LED bulb driver ICs

Date Announced: 10 Aug 2011

Hong Kong, EVERMAX Co., Ltd. announces two new AC-DC LED Driver ICs for LED Bulb application. EVM6001 and EVM6006 use average current mode control scheme to control the output LED current in +/-3% high accuracy. AC-DC LED driver with EVM6001 or EVM6006 has and very good line and load regulation performance.

The LED driver can isolate the input and output through a switching transformer. The LED driver can have over 0.9 power factor without extra circuit. The LED driver can save electrolytic capacitor, extend the lifetime of the LED driver and operate in higher ambient temperatures. The driving current is a double-line frequency square waveform. With an external power MOSFET, the LED driver can operate in Universal AC voltage range.

EVM6001 and EVM6006 are capable of operating from a single power supply from 7.5 V to 16 V.

EVM6001 and EVM6006 have over-current protection and can implement open and short circuit protection.

EVM6001 has DIM pin to pick up external PWM dimming signal to implement PWM dimming function. With internal comparator, EVM6001 can detect the period’s analog signal on DIM pin to generate related PWM signal and implement PWM dimming function, output power control or power factor correction.

EVM6006 dedicates for dimmable LED bulb with Triac dimmer. EVM6006 has anti-jitter function to remove the jitter from the Triac dimmer. The light from LED bulb with EVM6006 has no flicker. The output dimming current from EVM6006 LED driver is PWM dimming current. There is less color shift issue. EVM6006 LED driver can be compatible with most of Triac dimmers.

EVM6001 and EVM6006 are offered in the 10-pin MSOP package. Both devices have a 12-week typical lead-time (ARO) to market.

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