Techsil thixo gel offers superior heat dissipation for electronics

Date Announced: 23 Mar 2011

Warwickshire, UK - With five times the thermal conductivity of normal RTV's, its non greasy consistency and its ability to 're-seal' itself after cure, Techsil's RTV3080 thixo gel offers many benefits for electronic applications such as Lighting, ECU's, Sensors, Avionics, Power Steering Modules and Power Semiconductors.

Its main features include: 1:1 mix ratio and easier to pump than similar existing materials; 1.0w/m/k thermal conductivity; non-greasy consistency means there are no leakages at high or low temperatures; gel is 'self-sealing' allowing probe testing, adjustment to components or disassembly and re-use of parts at end-of-life.

The RTV3080 is flowable but thixotropic meaning that the spread can be controlled, and it is soft enough not to stress components.

The thixo gel has the advantage of curing at room temperature with a four-hour gel time, but can be heat-accelerated if needed.

Jane Powell Marketing Executive Andy Briars Technical Director


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