LEDnovation introduces high-efficiency A19 at 110 lm/W with warm dimming and high CRI

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Tampa, Florida – LEDnovation, a leading innovator in LED lighting
and replacement lamp technology, today announced the addition
of a warm-dimming version of the popular Bright For Life® A19
Omnidirectional line. The A19 Warm-Dimming Omnidirectional
features the world’s highest efficiency and high color rendering
(CRI). It is the first of LEDnovation’s omnidirectional lamps to
feature the well-received warm-dimming solution previously
introduced on the Bright For Life® BR30 and Recessed Downlight
families. As background, incandescent and halogen lamps turn
warmer in color temperature when dimmed. With a unique digital
dimming control, trichromatic color solution and customized
dimming profile algorithms, the lamp, when dimmed, follows the
black body planckian locus with exceptional fidelity, offering the
most accurate representation of true incandescent and halogen
dimming. The result is an exceptional omnidirectional LED A19
with the true look and feel across the entire dimming range of a
traditional incandescent lamp.

In describing the new lamp, Israel J. Morejon, CEO and President of LEDnovation, said, “Our proprietary and patented technology delivers the highest performing A19 in the marketplace in terms of efficiency,
CRI and warm-dimming; a truly revolutionary change without compromise. This product adds to LEDnovation’s continuing portfolio of solutions for the Solid State Lighting market.” Mr. Morejon continued, “LEDnovation has the World’s most efficient line of LED replacement lamps and the A19 Warm-Dimming Omnidirectional is the next step in our goal to replace all incumbent light bulbs.”

The industrial design of the LEDnovation A19 lamp can be summed up in two words: sophisticated elegance. LEDnovation has found the balance between beauty in design and function. The flow of the sleek fins up the side of the dome effectively cools the lamp and provides a profile that simply makes sense. Staying very close in shape to a traditional incandescent lends an air of familiarity to the LEDnovation Omni. LEDnovation A-lamps utilize a diffusing dome very close to spherical shape that results in bright, pleasant warm light that is distributed evenly over the entire white orb. In addition, the lamp weighs 3.8 ounces which makes it the lightest in the industry. This is in stark contrast to competition lamps that are too large, weigh too much, don’t look like normal lamps and don’t adhere to a harmonious design concept.

The lamps are ideal for use in any standard Edison socket where a traditional incandescent A19 would be used. With the warm-dimming feature, they are exceptional in all sorts of luminaires, including table lamps commonly found in residences, hotels and restaurants. The Bright For Life® LED A19 WarmDimming Omnidirectional is a perfect fit for any location where a warm ambience is desired for a cozy, comfortable feel. The key is excellent dimmer compatibility and the ability of the lamp to become proportionally warmer in color temperature as the lumen output is lowered or dimmed.

Bright For Life® LED warm-dimming A19 Omnidirectional facts:
- 810 Lumens, 7.35W @ 110Lumens/Watt efficiency
- Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 93
- Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2700K
- Warm dimming from 2700K to just below 2200K
- Part number: LEDH-A19-HE-60-27D-IO
- 5 year warranty includes color shift and lumen depreciation
Note: All specifications are typical values.

All LEDnovation lamp models are tested for photometric performance in accredited third-party labs according to IES LM-79 requirements, with reports available online. All lamps meet UL 1993, UL 8750
and CSA 84 safety standards. These commercial grade models are rated for a 50,000-hour lifetime, carry an industry-leading 5-year performance based warranty and unlike many CFL and LED offerings, fully conform to ANSI standard form factors to assure compatibility with existing fixtures. The Bright For Life® LED A19 Warm-Dimming Omnidirectional will begin shipping late Q2-2013.

About LEDnovation - Change without compromise
Offering a full spectrum of LED-based replacement lamps, LEDnovation is leading innovation in the field of solid state lighting. Solid state, or LED lighting generates light from complex semiconductor materials, eliminating much of the wasted energy that has been inherent to electric light-generation for over a century. By combining multi-disciplinary strengths in LEDs, electronic systems, power supplies, thermal and optics design, LEDnovation has succeeded in developing some of the highest efficacy LED replacement lamps available, offering a winning business case and rapid return on investment to commercial clients and property operators. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and manufactures its products in North America.

For more information, visit http://www.LEDnovation.com. For inquiries: Email: inquiries@lednovation.com Tel: 813.891.9665


Web Site:www.lednovation.com

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