IST's iDrive® Thor 36™ LED driver system supports multiple dimming protocols

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The latest addition to IST’s portfolio of world-wide patented LED driver technology is the iDrive® Thor 36™, the world’s highest powered (2kW), 36 channel centralised LED driver system, which boasts a super slim 1U 19” rack-mounted chassis compatible with a wide range of embedded dimming protocols, including DMX, RDM, DALI, DSI, Art-Net 3, KiNet and Ethernet as standard. Designed specifically for constant voltage lighting applications, the Thor 36™ can be dynamically configured to operate constant voltage LED systems from 12V to 27V, with each output capable of providing high frequency, high resolution output channels up to a maximum of 8A each or 80A maximum across all 36 channels.

The great advantage of the iDrive® Thor 36™ is the dramatic time and cost saving potential on LED lighting installations. Traditionally, CV applications require a separate power supply and LED driver for each CV linear strip/fixture, but the Thor 36™ combines dimming controller, power supply and LED driver in one integrated unit, with the capacity to drive up to 36 LED fixtures at any one time. The Thor 36™ is able to dramatically reduce the complexity and associated labour costs of wiring numerous fixtures to mains and a power supply, whilst reducing the potential for wiring and power errors.

The Thor 36™ offers far more than a standard power supply. Advanced control technology combined with the powerful ieOS operating system means users are able to dim the constant voltage fixtures in 8-bit or 16-bit mode, giving unprecedented accuracy for dimming and colour control. In addition, each output can be individually controlled using linear or logarithmic dimming. The fact that the Thor 36™ drivers can be installed remotely significantly aids commissioning and maintenance of the LED lighting installation.

Key Features:
- Multiple dimming control protocols as standard
- Independent short-circuit protection and current measurement on each output
- Reduced production time by eliminating the need to build custom-made chassis
- Reduced commissioning time due to simplified set-up
- Superior 16-bit dimming down to less than 0.0015%
- Ability to tap into ERIC (Energy Reduction Interface Controller) to measure power consumed and 100s of other parameters
- No noticeable flicker; camera compatible
- High quality, long life 2000W PSU’s

To date, the Thor 36™ has been installed on a number of prestigious projects where ease of installation and of future maintenance was essential, including the Marriot Hotel, Aruba; the Erasmus University, Rotterdam; the Art-house Theatre, Dordrecht; Oud-Amelisweerd Museum, Bunnik and the Academy Building, Utrecht.

The Thor 36™ is currently in stock and available for all constant voltage installations. For more information and to find out how your white light projects can benefit from the Thor 36™, please contact

Nina Blackmore Integrated System Technologies Ltd


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