Shenzhen Good-Self Lighting releases 360° LED T8 tube

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With 360-degree full-beam angle spatial light LED component

1. Safety
Unique encapsulation technology in the ≥2.0mm sealing colloid, densely covered with phosphor, can effectively absorb blue light and reduce spillage of blue light, to build a sufficient security barrier for eyes.

2. Unique
360-degree full-beam-angle light LED makes spatial light a reality; it eliminates the drawbacks of existing LEDs that can light in only one direction.

3. Cozy
360-degree LED has the characteristics of no glare, no dazzling; uniform and soft light can help people build a cordial, warm and comfortable light environment.

Optical parameters:
Lumen value: ≥800 lumens
Color rendering index: 80Ra
Color temperature: K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, K6
(Remarks: K1: 2700-3000K, K2: 3000-3500K, K3: 3500-4500K, K4: 4500-5500K, K5: 5500-6500K, K6: ≧6500)

Electric parameters:
The total power consumption: 9W/0.6m, 18W/1.2m
The input voltage: 85 ~ 265 V / 50 Hz
Power supply: non-isolated power supply
Power executive standard: CE

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