ChromeLED introduces the new COB CE-R14

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ChromeLED expands its existing COB lines with the new efficient yet powerful CE-R14. Chip-On-Boards are designed mainly to be used in solid-state lighting and are extremely ideal for home lighting (bulb lights, downlights and fluorescent lights). They have the advantage of a high density luminous flux that generates consistent uniformity with fewer glares, less layers of thermal resistance, convenient assembly, and better efficiency.

ChromeLED’s CE-R14 features a 120° viewing angle with maximum 1440 mA forward current, all packed into a 23mmx17mm packaging. Driven at a standard condition of 720 mA, the CE-R14 produces a luminous flux of 1000 lumens to 1495 lumens, depending on the selected color bin. Color temperature ranges from warm white at 2870K to cool white at 7040K, allowing design flexibility for different lighting applications. The CE-R14 comes with a standard 80 CRI index which is desirable in color-critical applications such as photography and cinematography. Production quantity will sell for around US$5 with a standard 6 weeks lead time.

ChromeLED’s CE-R14 is now available for purchase. Full spec sheet and order inquiries can now be found at our website at

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