Vektrex SpikeSafe current source offers 400V compliance voltage to support driving low- to high-power LEDs

Date Announced: 02 Dec 2013

San Diego, California – Vektrex, a global leader supplying cutting-edge instrumentation and systems to the Solid State Lighting industry, announced release of the SpikeSafe400 DC current source, the latest addition to the SpikeSafe family. Leveraging the foundation of technology from the industry-standard SpikeSafe 200, the SpikeSafe400 DC increases the voltage capability of the product line up to 400 volts and allows current settings as low as 10 mA.

"SpikeSafe technology enables our customers to focus on their device's intrinsic reliability without having to adjust data for, or worry about, instrumentation induced failure. The SS400 DC addresses the needs of the industry to expand to higher voltages while maintaining accuracy at lower currents," said Vektrex Chief Technology Officer Jeff Hulett. The SpikeSafe400 DC offers 96% efficiency, is programmable with individual channel control, and has an easy to use software interface.

The SpikeSafe400 DC's eight output channels, 400V compliance, and wide ranging drive current capability give it the flexibility to drive high voltage chip on board devices efficiently in reliability test applications. This makes the SS400 DC a great choice for LED reliability and burn-in, LM80, LM79, LM85, CIE 127, DC light measurement, R&D applications, and/or as a lab bench top unit, as well as for other semiconductor testing applications.

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About Vektrex
Vektrex, a global leader supplying cutting edge, high voltage and capacity instrumentation and systems, is continuing to set the standard for LED reliability and LM80 testing with products that meet the evolving requirements of the Solid State Lighting industry. Vektrex was the first to develop test equipment solutions that have enabled LED and lighting manufacturers to establish world class large scale testing facilities. Additionally, Vektrex products are now becoming the benchmark of reliable performance at some of the world’s top independent third party testing laboratories.

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