Chauvet Professional debuts Ovation C-640FC RGBWA LED wash fixture

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SUNRISE, Fla. – CHAUVET Professional is redefining theatrical cyclorama lighting with its new Ovation C-640FC, a compact LED-powered wash fixture that can serve up practically any color imaginable via DMX-controlled blending of its RGBWA (red, green, blue, white and amber) LEDs. Along with its ability to produce a vast spectrum of vibrant colors without the need for gels, the Ovation C-640FC is extremely energy efficient and its LEDs will last for 50,000 hours, making it an ideal replacement for traditional halogen cyc lights.

Going a step further, the Ovation C-640FC boasts an exclusive Virtual Color Wheel (VCW) that lets operators instantly access the most popular colors used for cyc and strip lighting when the unit is in either DMX mode, or standalone via the on-board display. This new, ultra-convenient VCW feature includes more than 30 pre-mixed hues, based on the most widely used cyc colors, from deeply saturated, to soft pastels. The vast color palette available in each unit allows a single Ovation C-640FC to replace several conventional cyc fixtures.

“With the Ovation C-640FC, you have a collection of colors at your fingertips that you can call up manually at any time. It’s like putting a ‘virtual gel’ on your light, which is why we call it a Virtual Color Wheel,” said Ben Dickmann, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional. “This ability to instantly access the most popular gel colors used in cyc lighting – without having to bother with gels themselves -- provides a huge cost savings, and is a great convenience for stage lighting professionals, allowing them to easily match the color scheme used in the rest of their lighting design. Of course, the Ovation C-640FC also gives you the option of creating your own custom colors with a DMX controller, so there are no limitations to your design possibilities.”
Either way, the colors produced by the Ovation C-640FC will always be richly rendered and precise in timbre, thanks to the inclusion of white and amber LEDs in the unit’s mix of 64 3- to 5-watt LEDs (16 red, 16 green, 16 blue, 8 white, 8 amber). This allows for smooth and accurate blending of the softest pastels and hard-to-create yellow and gold shades, ensuring that the Ovation C-640FC will meet any production’s aesthetic requirements.

The Ovation C-640FC is equipped with a full complement of professional theatrical lighting design tools such as 16-bit dimming control of each color, a master dimmer, and variable strobe effect. Another standout feature is the unit’s dual-panel design, with two individually adjustable heads that allow the light to evenly wash a cyc up to 25 feet (8m) in height. In addition, the ability to individually control the heads means that designers can light a cyc in split color, using only a top or ground row of fixtures, cutting the number of fixtures required to effectively light a cyclorama in half compared to other LED cyc lights. The unit has a beam angle of 35° and field angle of 65°, and it outputs 141 lux at 5 meters.

Power linking of multiple Ovation C-640FC units is fast and easy using industry standard Neutrik® PowerCON® connectors. The high efficiency of the Ovation C-640FC allows 9 units (more than enough for an entire ground row) to be powered from a single 20 amp circuit. Compactly built, the Ovation C-640FC measures 15.3 x 12.2 x 11.7 inches (390 x 310 x 298 mm) and weighs 10 pounds (22.2 kg.). It is CE and MET certified.

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