RAISE Energy’s LED tubes cut energy by half, are offered in multiple sizes

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RAISE Energy Solutions (RES) has expanded its versatile LED lighting line to include five sizes in LED linear tubes and one size in U-shaped tubes.

“In the interest of ensuring the quality of products, we have personally visited all manufacturing partners and reviewed their qualifications, physically inspected their factories for clean operations and ethical work conditions, and researched the latest technology in LED chips and heat dissipation,” said Chief Technology Officer Tom VanZeeland.

Despite being best in class, RES is among the least expensive LEDs on the market. By being a direct distributor, RES has eliminated all of the middlemen that add extra dollars and so that savings can be passed directly from manufacturer to consumer.

“By switching to our bulbs, you will save about 40% of energy based on watt reduction over traditional florescent bulbs,” said VanZeeland. “Additionally, our tubes last much longer and don’t require a ballast saving you money on the actual material costs as well as labor costs for maintenance.”

One common misconception about LED bulbs is that they do not mirror the tint or color of incandescent or fluorescent lamps. However, with the current technology and developments in LED chips, customers have the ability to customize what the type of light environment they prefer. RES bulbs come in a rage of temperatures including: 2700-3000 Kelvin (K), 4000K, 5000K, and 6000K.

The RES LED tube line includes five preapproved Design Lights Consortium (DLC) products in which consumers can receive automatic rebates from their chosen power companies for installing those products. The rest of the tubes have UL certification and rebates can still be applied for.

Please visit www.raiseenergysolutions.com to learn more.

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