Epoxies, Etc. potting compound is UL listed for passing 94 V-0 non-burning standard

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Epoxies, Etc. continues to formulate new products to meet industry need, this time creating a unique thermally conductive potting compound. While many thermally conductive compounds meet the stringent non-burning requirements of UL’s 94 V-0 standard, few have the added advantage of being thoroughly easy to use. With a low viscosity and 1:1 mix ratio, 50-3152FR has both desirable properties.

50-3152FR provides excellent electrical insulation and component protection. It has a resiliency not typically seen in epoxy potting compounds, reducing physical and thermal shock even further. This material pours easily creating a smooth, air free finish.

In addition, 50-3152FR is DOT friendly, RoHS and REACH compliant, and antimony free.

- Easy to use mix ratio of 1:1
- Thermally conductive
- UL Listed for passing 94 V-0 non-burning standard
- Resilient and tough
- Excellent thermal and physical protection
- Good air release
- Excellent electrical insulation
- DOT non-hazardous for shipping
- RoHS and REACH compliant
- Antimony free

Samples are available and may be requested by visiting the following link: http://www.epoxies.com/sample/ or contacting Sales@epoxies.com.

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Web Site:www.epoxies.com

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